Search Engine for Apps, Quixey Launched An Android Version

Quixey, the popular search engine for apps, has expanded its service with the launch of a new Android version. The app is in beta and provides a much simplified way to search and find new apps for your device.


Quixey allows users to search for apps even without entering a perfect keyword or title. If you doesn’t know the exact title of the app, you can describe what you are trying to search in the simplest terms. Then the app finds the most appropriate apps for you.

Android version includes the following features:

  • Search: No need to figure out the exact title, you can describe what are you searching for in the natural-terms to find the apps.
  • Trending: View the greatest and latest apps in the App World.
  • Browse: Filter your search by different categories like games, photo & video, and so on.
  • Sample: You can check out the sample queries to get an idea on what others are searching for.

Android users can download Quixey from the link given below. The app is compatible with devices that run on Android version 2.3.3 and above.

Quixey download link for Android (free)

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