Shazam for Android Brings Interactive Maps

Shazam has just released an update for its Android app. The update includes a couple of new features in addition to the most-anticipated Interactive Maps.


With new Interactive Maps, users will now be able to view the most tagged tracks in their current location, and also scroll the map of the world to view what’s most popular by city and country. This feature is available to Android OS 4.x and above.

The update also brings a new ‘Explore’ section, which lets you explore things in a simplified way. There’s also a new screen wizard that enables users to grab their favorite Shazamed music from Google Play as well as Amazon MP3. Moreover, you can also play your desired tracks on Google Play and Amazon MP3.

Android users can download the latest version of Shazam from the link given below.

Shazam download link for Android (free)

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