Simple launches its First online banking App for Android users

Simple, a online banking startup and customer service company has launched a new App for Android users to replace the traditional personal banking system. The App lets the customers to check their balance in few seconds, locate nearby ATM’s and categorize their spending amount.


Simple online banking App


The App’s special feature “safe-to-spend” will depict your balance at any page and lists out all your pending payments to be made, scheduled payments and spending goals.

Users can view their previous account transactions and their account numbers within few seconds, unlike the large banks that takes huge time to process the information about transaction activities. Customers can easily locate a ATM within their proximity. Simple online banking service has collaborated with Allpoint, a largest ATM network in United States with 50,000 ATM’s that provides free transactions.



Simple Android App



The Android version of the App is quite different from its counter part, iPhone version. The iPhone version of the App has a built-in customer support messaging and it allows users to make payments from the App. This Android version of the App has come up with a new feature named “spend from goals”, that lets the users to allocate few amount for their personal use and later track the amount that they spend.

Download this free online banking App from official Google play store.

Free Download link of the App:

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