SimplePrints Photo-album App Now Extends itself to Android

SimplePrints is the name given to the latest app which has been released on the Android app store after its successful stint on the iOS app store.  This app is basically a photo book maker which lets you select photos to be put in an album and gives you the ability to order a printed copy.

Simple Prints Photo Books

SimplePrints is actually designed to make the process of building a photo book less complex and less time taking.  With this app, you are the one who gets to pick the photos, choose a layout and then checkout.  The company sells several variations and versions where the 8×8 hardcover and softcover books start at a price of $14.95 and are printed within 48 hours and shipped internationally within 4 to 7 days.  The entire photo book can be made in less than 30 minutes using this app.

SimplePrints for Android has some added features like automatic recommendations of users, improved blurry detection, best photos and facial recognition features.  The app is great for those who need to have or gift photo albums in the minimum time frame possible and for those who prefer creating photo books in a quick manner.

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