Skype for Android Redesigned with a New Look

If you have been using Skype on your Android devices, you should download this latest update! Skype for Android has completely been modernized with new design, which functions similar to the Windows Phone 8 version.


Now the home screen is splitted into 3 different tabs to provide an easy access to specific contacts, latest conversations and favorites. You can also encounter a remodeled dialog trees which look much cleaner than ever before, with the receiver and sender messages differentiated with varied shades of blue.

Furthermore, each contact’s profile image will look in circular and smaller crops in the chat window. While there’s still the usual range of smiley faces and emoticons to express your feelings. The app also supports you to attach a file from your device, and also video messages.

Skype app

The above mentioned circular profile images are also prevalent when you make a call. Here, the design is smoother than before, with 3 icons at the bottom of your screen that allows you to pick a video call, audio-only or to simply reject the call.

Skype says that the updated Android version is much simpler and faster to use. The overall design has been modernized to simplify user experience and to brighten up some of the tedious elements of the service.

The latest version of Skype for Android is downloadable via Google Play Store for free.

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