Solar Walk for Android Allows You Explore Our Solar System with Impressive Visuals

The folks at Vito Technology have launched Solar Walk, the app long available on iOS, on the Play Store. This is an educational app that features a fascinating 3D model of the solar system, which takes you on a dream journey through each planet and satellite of our solar system.

Solar Walk

This app enables users to navigate between planets, roam through space and time, and view all of the planets as well as satellites in close-up. Moreover, the app helps you learn about planet trajectories, interesting stories, inner structures and many more.

Initially, you can download the app for free. It just serves as a demo – it presents a planet together with its satellites, but not more than that. To expand your experience, you can spend $2.99 through in-app purchases to get full version of the app. Full version allows you explore the entire Solar System, and you encounter that each planet is lined up accurately to the Sun, based on the current date and time.

Solar Walk app

Android users can download Solar Walk app from the link given below. The app is compatible with devices that run on Android 4.0 and above firmware.

Solar Walk download link for Android (free)

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