Sony underwater apps launched for select Xperia Phones

Sony has come out with the launch of 6 underwater apps for certain few Xperia handsets.  These apps will be available on Xperia Z1S and Xperia Z Smartphones and they are called Goldie, Platimal, Rainy-oke, Sink Sunk, Photo Lab and Tiny Umbrella.

Sony underwater apps

These 6 new apps can only be downloaded by US consumers and only by those who have water resistant Xperia Z Smartphones. These apps are basically meant to showcase the water resistance capabilities in Xperia Smartphones.  They are basically meant to provide momentary entertainment but do not fulfill any other function as such.  All the 6 underwater apps use Sony’s in-house technology to detect if the phone which is running the app has been put underwater.

What the detector does is that it produces a test tone with frequency which is above the human hearing frequency and then the transmission of the sound produced is recorded with two microphones.  The company has also provided developer codes for these 6 new apps.  So if you are a Sony Z1S or Sony Xperia Z Smartphone user, you too can enjoy these apps by downloading them from Google Play Store on your phones.

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