Speed Night 2 App Review

Speed Night 2 is the most awaited racing game from ICLOUDZONE INC. This game is a sequel to its previous version of the same title, Speed Night. The gameplay is almost the same, but there is a lot of difference in the technical part. Enjoy a realistic midnight racing with this game!

Speed Night 2 game

Before you start your game, you are allowed to select your desired car from several cars. However, you do not find any unique cars, they only differ in terms of color.

Once you select play option, you will have an accelerated car that will maintain certain speed throughout the game; you only have to control its turnings. You need to swipe to the right to move your car to the right, swipe left to move left, and to put brake, you are provided with brakes on the bottom side of your screen.

Speed Night 2 app

You have to race against the clock but not against other racers. You will have a checkpoint at every few meters distance; and within the provided time limit, you have to cross each checkpoint. You have to maintain your pace and cross a checkpoint to extend your time to continue your race. Avoid other computer-controlled cars to keep up your pace to make the checkpoints. If you collide with other vehicles or walls, you lose your speed, and you lose your chance of continuing the game.

Speed Night 2 review

All along your way, you come across coins. Collect as many coins as you can for purchasing different power ups like magnet, acceleration, time and missile. Each one has a different ability. The graphics are excellent and the soundtrack is average.

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