Speed Racing App Review

If you are a fan of car racing games, it’s worth trying this game. Speed Racing is an exciting 3D car racing game developed by Italy Games. This free game gives you the best racing experience. Burn up the track with your car!

Speed Racing Game

This game is all about speeding up a straight road, and avoiding traffic while gathering coins. To steer your car, you should tilt your device and tap on the screen to accelerate. The responsiveness is a little bit sluggish particularly when you drive at high speeds. There are some attractive boosts in this game. You drive your vehicle until you collide and lose your health.

Speed Racing App

You really don’t find any goal in this game, you just need to earn enough gold coins to unlock new cars and new boosts. Some of the cars will be much expensive, so you need to work hard and try to gain as many coins as you can to unlock the cars.

Speed Racing Review

The gameplay is simple but fun. The graphics are normal and the soundtrack is little bit annoying, especially when the high pitched buzzing of the engine. This game can entertain the players for only short period of time as there are no different game modes and the gameplay is very simple. This is an ad-supported game, but the ads won’t bother you and will not pop up every time when you complete a game.

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