Tango Music Pix makes a comeback on Google Play Store

Tango Music Pix is the latest app that has been launched on the Google Play store. This app was launched once earlier as well but was taken off the app store soon after. It is expected to be launched on the iOS app store as well.

Tango Music Pix app

Tango Music Pix is an app which lets users combine photos from their phone with song from the streaming library.  Doing this,users can make slideshows that you can share with their friends over various social networks such as Tango, Facebook, and Twitter and even on email.  One of the good things about this app is that to use it, you don’t need to log onto the main Tango app.  This makes it different from Facebook Messenger where you need to remove its music sharing feature on the main app.

Tango Music Pix is basically based on the common behavior of the Tango Messaging app.  This means that it allows you to send photos to your friends and share music with the app’s Spotify integration.  But at the same time it won’t offer the same range of music options like in the case of the main Tango app.

Tango Music Pix Download for Android app (free)

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