The Updated Version of Yahoo! Mail App is Now Available for Android Users

Yahoo! mail application is currently available for the Android users with few updated features, according to the highlighted changelog in the Google Play Store. The newly updated app highlights the modified notifications which work depending upon the user feedback. Yahoo! has also addressed the problem of crashes on the app. The paste and cut function has also been fixed on many devices.

Yahoo! Mail App

Yahoo! mail application for the Android devices is now in 2.0.4 version. To use the app, the Android users need the devices with v2.2 and above. Now this Yahoo! mail app allow the users to be connected, and letting them to view their inbox in one single tap. Whenever there is a new message, the users are provided with the notifications. Users can attach the photos and can capture fresh ones while they are framing a message. Users can preview their photos directly at the top of the message.

The Marissa Ann Mayer who is the CEO of Yahoo! recently stated that the improvements which are done to the Yahoo! mail will be available on every major scaffold, which contains Android, Web, iPod touch or iPhone, and Windows 8.

Mayer stated that the modernized yahoo! would let to get through the emails much faster than the earlier. The inbox have also made much intuitive and simpler to navigate, letting the users to focus on their messages which they receive. Now the Yahoo! mail app is also introduced for the iOS devices. In the description for the iOS, the Yahoo! expresses that the app let the users to approach the inbox with a single tap, get automated notifications for the recent messages and scan the messages fastly in the inbox with a continuous scroll.

As the users start typing any email address, the app auto-completes that email address, and also let the users to swipe right or left on any message to mark it as read, delete, move or flag. The users can also multi-select the messages to organize their inbox faster.

The Android users can grab the updated Yahoo! Mail app at the Google Play Store.
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