Top 10 Battery Saver Apps for Android

Android devices, with high-end features and bright screens, consume more battery. There are certain steps, which you can take to reduce your device’s battery consumption such as closing your background applications, reducing the display brightness, etc. However, there are several apps which can be used to save your battery. Here is a list of the top battery saver apps available in the Google Play Store.

Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver app

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An easy to use battery power saving app which helps in saving your battery power and in improving the battery life. It cleverly deals with the device’s screen brightness, 3G/2G connectivity and screen timeout to save your battery. Its pretty sleep schedule setting saves your battery when you are sleeping. Moreover it consists of 4 preset power saving modes and an advanced customized mode.

JuiceDefender – battery saver

JuiceDefender - battery saver app

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An effective power manager app which has been particularly designed to increase your device’s battery life. It intelligently manages the most battery consuming features such as WiFi and 3G or 4G connectivity. Run your Android device at full capacity when it is in need, but save your battery with this app when you don’t, need the full capacity!


Battery app

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Battery displays the charge level of your device’s battery. It keeps track of your present battery percentage and also serves as a battery saver.

Go Power Master (Save Battery)

Go Power Master (Save Battery) app

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A powerful battery saving tool which helps in increasing the battery duration time by 50%. It cleverly regulates the usage of your battery to your needs and automatically runs after configured. It improves the battery endurance by managing screen brightness, apps, and other kind of battery consuming elements.

Battery Dr saver+a task killer

Battery Dr saver+a task killer app

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An efficient Battery Saver app which helps in saving your battery power. It includes the features like battery management, power control, battery notifier, task killer, and battery monitor which helps in developing your battery endurance.

Battery Defender

Battery Defender app

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Very simple but highly effective battery saver tool. It enhances your battery life through various processes like disabling the data and WiFi network connections as soon as your screen turns off, disabling all the network connections when you sleep (in the sleep policy, you can adjust your sleeping time as you prefer). When your battery is down, it disables the network connections when you are not using your device.

2x Battery – Battery Saver

2x Battery - Battery Saver app

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It helps in extending extra hours to your battery life by optimizing the network connections in the background. Also improves the battery life by disabling the network connection automatically, and reducing the data usage and battery consumption.

Battery Saver – Extra Power

Battery Saver - Extra Power app

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Improve your battery life with this powerful battery saving app. It is been particularly designed to optimize using habit and to increase your device’s battery life. This app cleverly deals with network connections, screen brightness and timeout. Simply choose your desired battery saving mode and allow it to enhance your battery life!

Bataria – Battery Power Saver

Bataria – Battery Power Saver app

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Easy to use battery power saver application for your Android. You can easily move your Android device to power saving mode and can regulate active apps from the same location. When you activate power saving mode, it disables all the power consuming processes such as network connections, Bluetooth, screen brightness, etc. It also consists of status bar battery and battery widget for fast operation.

Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget

Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget app

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A simple battery saver app. It drives away your worry of your dying battery. Unlike other similar apps, this app offers a clever method of battery management by power draining analysis of every hardware module, and other tools which would enhance the battery usage.


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