Top 10+ Karaoke Apps for Android

Karoke is a fun-time activity that we all love to perform in a group or individually. No matter how old you are, Karaoke gets you moving when somebody asks you to take the mic. Of course, some are shy but even they break out of their shell and sing their favorite songs.

So if you too are a music and Karaoke lover, you will have the guide to the best Karaoke apps on Android market for your phone or tab. You can check them out and download them from Google Play Store.

Videoke King – Karaoke (Beta)

The Videoke King – Karaoke (Beta) is one of the best Karaoke apps on the market. The app once downloaded gives you the access  to download a song of your desire, provided the copyright law is followed. Once you download the song, it is stored in your library to just plug and play the next time you open the file.

The lyrics to the songs are provided by which give you just the right way to sing along. The Videoke King – Karaoke (Beta) is the improved version of the same.

It has a very stylish look and background. The adjustable background feature makes it easy to read the lyrics by adjusting the font size and background to help focus in a better way.

Since the app does not contain the songs on its own, there is much less chance of the app crashing or hanging. You can download only the songs that you wish to perform on and save room for the unnecessary non-favorites. The app can be found for download on the Google Play Store and downloaded for free.

Videoke King - Karaoke (Beta)

Download Free Videoke King – Karaoke (Beta) App

Sing! Karaoke

This app is designed and developed by Smule. Sing! Karaoke is an amazing app for Karaoke lovers. The app has a handful of very cool features.

Starting with the voice enhancer, the app has a technology that makes your voice sound better and studio-kind. If you’re looking to have more than just fun, the app provides you with a share feature that allows you to save/store your work and share it publicly on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Also, you can email and SMS them privately. The Sing! Karaoke app stands as a platform for you not to just have fun but to showcase your talent and compete with others of the same interest around the globe.

Another great feature of this app is that it now supports duet mode. The app has a huge catalog of songs that you can choose from and pick your favorite songs from various genres.

Pop, Hip-op, Rock, Musicals, Country, Blues, the app has it all. This is an app totally worth downloading. You can get it from Play Store for free.

Sing! Karaoke

Download Free Sing! Karaoke App

Karaoke Mode

The app has the best sound quality with the earphones on. It prevents a lot of white noise. When earphone are used, the sound is concentrated into one place and gives a better output.

Karaoke Mode suggests to use earphones while you perform Karaoke. The app shows you three simple steps. Step 1, use earphones, step 2, search your song and step 3, start singing. This simple three step gets you going in minutes. All you need to do is look for your song on the catalog and start singing.

The app has the feature to save your recordings and share it. It serves as a platform to shawcase your voice and talent.

The has a collection of thousands and thousands of songs that you can choose from. It is absolutely free. You can download it from Play Store.

Karaoke Mode

Download Free Karaoke Mode App

Amazing Karaoke

Amazing Karaoke is a very fun-filled app. If you’re out to test your singing skills and have fun at the same time, you must get yourself a karaoke app.

And what better way to do that than by getting the coolest karaoke apps from the Android store! Amazing Karaoke is something that will really amaze you.

The app has got a wide collection of songs varying from The Beatles, Frank Sinatra to Talylor Swift, Adele. It has videos of the songs of various artists that are redirected to youtube.

So any video that you choose belongs to the one that uploadedit on YouTube. The app is trendy with a good design and background.

The list of songs are in the order of the artists name followed by the name of their song. When you select it, it is redirected to the YouTube video and you can simply start singing to your favorite songs.

Speaking of favorite, you can choose songs and mark them as your favorites to access them quickly next time. This can be done to frequently played songs too. All this in an app that is absolutely free! You can get it from Play Store.

Amazing Karaoke

Download Free Amazing Karaoke App

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

The app is a sing and record type of karaoke that allows you to save some memories of your fun time. Red Karaoke Sing & Record is an amazingly built app with great user interface and smart graphics.

The app has a special Duet feature that allows you to have sing along with friends in twos. Every week, thousands of songs are updated reviewing the request list from the users. The best feature of this app is that you can sing offline meaning you don’t have to be connected to the internet.

The navigation is clear and simple because of the icons instead of words. It helps to just spot what you want and make quick decisions. To make it a bit more professional, the app has the best sound quality and records your voice using the best voice technology to make it sound like a studio recording.

There is an unlimited number of song that you can choose from and mark your favorites and dislikes for future easy reference. The app is a must have on your phone or tablet if you’re a karaoke fan.

It has all the best features a karaoke app must app and that’s what makes this special. Most important of all, the app is absolutely free and it can be downloaded from Play Store.

Red Karaoke Sing & Record

Download Free Red Karaoke Sing & Record App

Mini Karaoke

Mini Karaoke is an app built and developed by Giant_land. The app is the best version of a pocket karaoke machine. It has all you want to sing and have some fun.

The Mini Karaoke uses sound tracks in the format of MP3. This saves you a lot of time and energy to go through the web searching for the KTV format of video karaoke for lyrics and timing because this app does everything for you.

All you need to do is search for the songs and get the MP3 sound track and the app will keep the lyrics ready for you. It just doesn’t display the lyrics but shows word-to-word timing that has to go with the track.

How cool is that! The database is really huge and you can browse through thousands of songs and pick the one that you want and get singing. The app also has the built-in mic feature that allows you to save the voice along with the music track.

For the best sound quality, this feature is most useful. It prevents unnecessary white noise and allow you to record your audio to enjoy them later.

You can sing in a professional way and save your audio and show off your singing skills. You can share on any platform of your choice and who knows, get recognized. The app is available for download for free and you can find it on Play Store.

Mini Karaoke

Download Free Mini Karaoke App

Kids Karaoke

If you want your kid to learn his songs with the best accompaniment, this is the app for it. Kids Karaoke is a very well-built app that has the best possible graphics and background for a kid to love it.

The database of the app is variety of the nursery rhymes and songs that your kid would love to sing all the time. Instead of having any monotonous music play while your child sings, have the best sound tracks that have the perfect music for the kid to sing and even dance along.

The app has a very good user interface and it is very beautiful. The app has songs like Incy Wincy Spider, Are you Slepping, Twinkle Twinkle. Old MacDonald, Wheels of the Bus and so on. All these songs that are essential for a kid to pick up words and relate those words to their lives, the app has the best of them.

Kids Karaoke also has the record feature that allows you to record your child’s work and replay it later to show them how they did. Kids love that.

Also, you can share it with friends and family or even save it for so long that they want to see it after years how they were as little kids. All this for an app that is completely free. You can find it and download it from Play Store.

Kids Karaoke

Download Free Kids Karaoke App

Yokee: Free Karaoke on YouTube

Yokee is an app that serves as a portal to YouTube’s endless karaoke collection. The app has the simple sings, record and share policy that gives you the best output.

The Yokee: Free Karaoke on YouTube app gives you access to the world’s biggest video website where you can find songs of any genre and use that as your karaoke and sing along to it.

The app also has some special features where you can add voice effects to your recordings like echo and reverb. These special features lack in most other apps. Because of its simple feature of using videos from YouTube, the database it endless.

Although, it requires internet throughout the running of the app which makes it unaccessible to some. But once you have the internet connection, you can browse for your favorite songs, sing to the video along with the lyrics being displayed and add voice effects for the best output and save your work.

Also, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or other platforms to showcase your talent and maybe get popular. You can meet karaoke lovers from all over the world and share your experiences and even compete if you wish. The app has all that you need to have the best karaoke time.

You can get this app for free from the Play Store.

Yokee: Free Karaoke on YouTube

Download Free Yokee: Free Karaoke on YouTube App

Justin Bieber Top Song Karaoke

This app is for all those Justin Bieber lovers or should I say ‘Beliebers’? Bieber has got the most number of fans in the least span of time possible for a 14 year old singer. He was soon known all over the world and his ‘Baby’ song was a superhit.

This app is specially made for those who love his music and would want to sing to his superhit songs of all time.  Justin Bieber Top Song Karaoke is an app that has all of Bieber’s top hit songs that you would want to sing to. Mistletoe, Beauty and a Beat, Baby, Somebody to Love and so on.

These are some of the many songs available on the app to perform to. Also, you can record your audio while you sing to your favorites. This app isn’t just a karaoke app, but it has everything you want about Bieber.

The app has a facts section where you get to know some interesting facts about the star and a Photo Album. The album consists of a collection of Bieber’s pictures on the internet, some that are not even on the internet yet.

This is a typical app for a fan of a star that you’d like to follow every step of. The app keeps you posted of Justin Bieber’s updates, tweets, concert info and whereabouts.

So if you are a Belieber, you must have this app on your phone or tablet. You can download it for free from Play Store.

Justin Bieber Top Song Karaoke

Download Free Justin Bieber Top Song Karaoke App

Karaoke Rush

Karaoke Rush is not just a karaoke app but a fun-filled app which is also a game. The game is based on a karaoke staff girl, Miyu, who dedicated her career to karaoke. To help her gain points and finish tasks and goals, you must help her with karaoke.

This is a self-entertaining app and requires no group. You must help the girl provide services for impatient customers and make sure you have the best service around to become the top karaoke staff of the world. You need to put your management skills to work to helo achieve her career goal.

The tasks remain as bring impatient customers to the karaoke box, hand them the microphone and lean up the palce. The process keeps on repeating, keeping in mind some customers are cranky.So you need to use the best judgement you have got and help Miyu finish her goals everyday.

This may not be the best app of the karaoke kind, or even a karaoke app but this is a fun filled game to while some time away. The app is available for download from Play Store for free.

Karaoke Rush

Download Free Karaoke Rush App

One Direction Top Song Karaoke

One Direction Top Song Karaoke is another one of the fan-like apps. This app is perfect to keep one’s self updated with all the facts, info and tweets about the group of young musicians, One Direction.

The band has a great following from the time they came into the big picture. So for everyone out there, the app has all tou need to know about the band and its members.

You keep getting constant updates from the band and the members like tweets, pictures, concert info and so on. Karaoke, of course is a part of this app. The app has a collection of all of the top songs by the band One Direction or also known as 1D.

The app has songs like Kiss You, Live While You’re Young, etc. So pick your favorite songs and start singing. You can also record your songs and share it with your friends or even with the fans of the band.You can always show off your talent.

Also, you can download the songs in MP3 format and listen to them till you get tired, if you ever get tired. All you need to do is to go to Play Store and download the app for free and get going.

One Direction Top Song Karaoke

Download Free One Direction Top Song Karaoke App

Android Karaoke

Android Karaoke is an app for the Android phones and tablets developed by TATMob. This entertaining app has access to the internet to allow you to search for your favorite songs and sing to them like a rockstar.

The app does not consist of any songs when you install it. When you search for the songs of your choice, the search is saved and when you select a song, you can download it.

On doing so, you can have the song saved to your SD card and use it to sing to it offline. This feature is not found in most other apps since you have to view videos from YouTube or others.

Once you download the song, you can sing to it and save your work by recording it. You can showcase your talent in singing and get recognized too.

There are thousands of songs that you can choose from and download. The app has a very stylish look that you’d fall in love with. It is easily accessible and user-friendly.

All this for an app that’s free. You can get Android Karaoke from the Play Store.

Android Karaoke

Download Free Android Karaoke App

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