Top Alternative Apps for Kindle Reader on Android

Many of us like to read books, variety of books. Some of them prefer to read them by purchasing in book shops, as nothing can be compared to the feel and specially the smell of a new book. But some of them like to read them on laptops or e-book readers or on smartphones. As the convenience and options provides by our smart devices are more compared to a hard copy.

kindle alternative

Kindle has created a revolution by releasing Kindle e-book readers and later on Kindle apps for various platforms. Kindle is rated as one of the Top 20 Apps for Nexus also on our website. But it has its own backdrops and here we are with alternatives to Kindle to give you a better reading experience on your Android.

Moon + Reader:

moon reader app

Moon + Reader is a free e-book reader. This app supports online book libraries and various e-book formats like: pdf, epub, chm, txt, html, etc. The app can switch between day and night modes and also contains different themes for better look. You can customize your reading experience also by  adding line spaces, making letters, bold, italic, and colorful. You can also read in landscape book reading mode for better experience. Download Moon + Reader free here and you can upgrade to pro version by paying 5$ USD.


fb reader

FBReader is also an e-book reader with huge downloads and high ratings in Android market. This app supports book formats like: epub, fb2, mobi, and rtf. You can also use editing options like: fonts, text margins, themes, and paragraph settings. You just have to load your e-books on your device to read them using this app. Download FBReader here.

Aldiko Book Reader:

aldiko reader

Aldiko Book Reader is a e-book reader app for Android. Aldiko supports: epub, drm protected books, and pdf formats. You can read ebooks purchased on Amazon without having them downloaded illeagally. Aldiko has also a good interface, smooth, and you can customize it. The free version of Aldiko app supports ads, if you want to get rid of them then upgrade to pro version for 3$ USD.

Mantano Ebook Reader Lite:


Mantano Ebook Reader Lite is one of the best e-book readers available. The app is easy to use and has a great interface. The app can access both PDF and EPUB formats. The Amazon MOBI formats have to be converted to EPUB or PDF to read them using this app. The app organizes the books in a better way and the free version is good enough to use. You can also annotate or mark certain pages using this app. Download the free version here and you can upgrade it for 7$ USD.


Have great reading experience on your smartphones using these e-book readers. Though Kindle app is great, you can also use the above ones for utilizing their additional features.

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