Top Android Apps for Construction Industry


If you are working for construction industry then you must face vital challenges and demands. Now, construction projects can be effectively managed with smartphone so thanks to the mobile technology advancement. Innovative mobile apps ranging from simple calculations to architectural renderings are created by the developers by taking benefit of Android smartphone technology.

Top Android Apps for Construction Industry

We present best android apps that are mandatory for construction industry to make your next project much easier.

Floor Plan Creator (Free App):

Floor Plan Creator, you can design predefined room shapes and free draw of room shape using touch or S-Pen, typical furniture elements, amplified reality room capture and cloud management to share plans effectively between devices. The creator of floor plan must support imperial and metric unit systems.

Floor Plan Creator (Free App)

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Bubble Level (Free App):

Have you ever checked an object or surface level without spirit level to hand then Bubble Level app is required for your smartphone. This is an outstanding android app which provides instant access to digital spirit level for users. While using Bubble Level hold one of the sides of your mobile against object test the level. Also, you can lay Bubble Level on any of the flat surface to obtain level of 360°. You can operate this app without internet connection and it is considered as the most favorite app in the construction industry with more than 5,000,000 downloads.

Bubble Level (Free App)

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iConfirm (Free App):

The project managers of diamond drilling companies are always busy with their site documents like order forms, verification forms and photo I.Ds of different people at their job. Handling all these things effectively is a daunting task but it is made simple after using iConfirm Android App. This app can be downloaded for free and enables users to maintain site documentation in an organized manner using smartphone. Additionally, you can sign the documents directly from mobile phone and are bind legally.


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SmartBidNet (Free App):

SmartBidNet, it is a construction bid management tool that makes you as an in charge while consolidating and simplifying interactions with vendors. This app permits you and the bid manager to gain access to subcontractor’s private network that is available to present tenders for construction projects in future.


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Concrete Design (Free App):

Concrete App, this versatile app enables users to calculate exact amount of concrete needed for specific job. Additionally, this app allows you to calculate the reinforcement amount required for some project, it check cracking and compression zone. This app is integrated with Beam Design app of Dako Software and thereby transferring beam dimensions effectively.

Concrete Design (Free App)

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Frame Design (Free App):

Frame Design, this instinctive and feature rich finite app is especially designed for civil engineers, architects, mechanical engineers and for students who are interested in designing 2D frames. Also, you can find online version for Frame Design. You have to give input and edit beams, supports, forces and more both textually and graphically while dealing with it. The calculations will be carried out in the background transparently without disturbing regular work and present instant results.

Frame Design (Free App)

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BIMx (Free App):

BIMx, it is an interactive 3D presentation tool that allows project stakeholders to access building model without the need of focused BIM skills. This app is considered as the best relief for all the architects and contractors. The design concept can be effectively collaborated by the contractors and architects using this app.

BIMx (Free App)

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All in One Unit Converter (Free App):

Most of the constructional professional face issues while converting units like square feet into different units perfectly and quickly. This problem can be solved if you use All in one Unit Converter app for your smartphone device. You can download the app for free and helps in converting values to different classes such as temperature, length, speed, volume and weight. Thus, All in One Unit Converter is highly reliable and amazing.

All in One Unit Converter

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AutoCAD WS (Free App):

AutoCAD, this free app is offered by AutoDesk and allows you to access and modify all CAD files. They can be opened with synced files, email attachments or easily downloaded from AutoCAD program. Locally, files can be saved perfectly to gain easy access and updating without the need of internet connection.


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BuilderTREND (Free App):

BuilderTREND, the construction software is based on cloud and allows builders to handle their business from computers and mobile devices effectively. Builders can manage all their operations effectively with automatically generated notifications and updates in real-time by interacting with vendors, subs, customers, and project managers to simplify operations.


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Rilievo (Just for $2.93):

Rilievo, this app is highly recommended for all the architects. It was built for architects by an architect and used for operating architectural surveys and wipes paper survey need completely. Architect assign dimensions to app then it is saved to external folder and directly transferred to AutoCAD for manipulation.


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A Estimate All Pro (Just for $3.99):

As the contractors will know about the importance of generating an estimate, it is complex and time taking task. The incredible A Estimate All Pro App developed by JLGpro is especially designed to manage all the estimating forms effectively from concrete, painting to remodeling. The app permits to save limitless estimates and then search for the estimate file, editing, viewing or deleting specific estimates. This app is compatible with all the android compatible devices. The user’s development suggestions are strongly considered and responded quickly by the developer at JLGpro.

A Estimate All Pro

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Construction Master Pro (Just for $18):

Construction Master Pro, it is an award winning sophisticated calculator with extremely strong built-in solutions for doing layouts, plans, estimates and bids. This effectively calculates roofs stairs and circles. Conversions between decimals, feet-inches-fractions and encompassing metric can be handled effectively by this app. It is used in field to decrease costs, save time, avoid re-work and increase profits. This app is available for both IOS and Android compatible mobile devices.

Construction Master Pro

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Handy Construction Calculators (Just for $7.99):

70 detailed calculators which includes great drawings and layouts that help in measuring and understanding the outcome effectively. It is a powerful app but easy enough to pick up and use. These are refined over years by considering input from hundreds of trade experts.

Handy Construction Calculators

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Working in the construction industry is daunting and stressful as employees, equipment and more should be supervised by the contractors and keep in touch with the clients regularly. The above mentioned apps will definitely help and make things easier and thereby increasing productivity without any stress.


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