Top Android Apps for Directors

In today’s time when technology exists in every segment of life and has added quality to the lives of many, Android devices and their applications have become a necessity for many.

There are applications to cater to any and every sort of a job that exists in all industries.  This applies even to the directors in the film industry or any other medium of entertainment.

There are many apps which have built to provide handy and convenient functions for them. Below given is the list of the top Android apps for directors.

FxGuru- Movie FX Director

The direction app which offers groundbreaking features right on your android device. Your device will now be a director’s paradise all thanks to the amazing effects, brilliant and numerous direction functions provided by the app- all of which add great effects to your videos. This is definitely worth a shot.

FxGuru- Movie FX Director

Download Free FxGuru- Movie FX Director App

Magisto Video editor & Maker

The ability to turn all of your videos and other clips into a beautiful movie is now available on your very own android devices. The app lets you edit the movies/ videos and add desired music and graphics to them in a matter if minutes. So be the director you wish to be with your mobile androids.

Magisto Video editor & maker

Download Free Magisto Video editor & maker App

IMDb Movies & TV

The best way for every director to have complete access to the recorded history of the industry they are a part of. Not just that the directors will also be able to keep a tab on all the new upcoming movies, the review of those that have released and more. In short this is all- you- need to know guide for all those who work as a part of industry- for you need to know all about your own.

IMDb Movies & TV

Download Free IMDb Movies & TV App

Movie Creator

This is an app that will let you create your own movies on your android device and add your own desired music to the movie. It is a great way of learning the direction procedures.

Movie creator

Download Free Movie creator App

Film Footage Calculator

The film footage calculator is an app will make the life of the director and the producer much easier. For this app helps them in making almost accurate calculation of the amount of film stock that needs to be purchased considering all the relevant factors.

Film Footage Calculator

Download Free Film Footage Calculator App

Film Dictionary

New to the world of movie direction and do not know much about the lingo used! This application is exactly what you need to get a better understanding of the film fraternity communication. The film dictionary is an exhaustive glossary of words that are will help the beginners as well the veterans.

Film Dictionary

Download Free Film Dictionary App

Film Utility

This app can be used by the director to meet one of the functions which is a part of the filmmaking procedure. The app basically helps the filmmakers in converting the frames, feet, and time code to get a simultaneous result for all the three functions. So get the app and control your film’s the time count, the total number of frames and the length in feet.

Film Utility

Download Free Film Utility App

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