Top Android Apps for Personal Trainer

In this day and age when everything is driven by technology and gadgets, it is not a surprise to know that many personal trainers use mobile and tablet applications to help them in their tasks of providing training to their clients.

They use these apps because with them, they can track the fitness and training of the clients and also keep an eye on their progress etc. Android app store has several such apps which can prove to be really useful for anyone who is into providing personal training or fitness training.

But since there are so many of such applications, a personal trainer can get confused. So we have shortlisted some of the top Android apps for personal trainers and here goes the list.

Fitness Buddy

This is a very good app for personal trainers as it comes with over 300 fitness exercises, which a trainer can use to train his/her client. It comes with a detailed description and illustrations of all the exercises and has the ability to revolutionalize the training regime of many.  There are more than 1000 HD videos on this app.

Fitness Buddy

Download Free Fitness Buddy App

Nike Training Club

This is another app suitable for personal trainers who wish to impart fitness related knowledge and workout methods to clients. This app comes with 100 custom built workouts which can be used by the trainer for his/her client. Each workout comes with a detailed description and even audio support.  With a rating of 4.3 stars, this is quite a handy app.

Nike Training Club

Download Free Nike Training Club App

Calorie counter by FatSecret

This app is useful for all those personal trainers who are trying that their client loses weight by cutting down on the calories. This app can help trainers in letting the client know about his/her calorie consumption to indicate where he/she needs to put a stop on.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Download Free Calorie counter by FatSecret App


Total Gym Fitness

If you are a new or beginner fitness trainer or personal trainer, then this app will really help you in learning about more than 100 different exercises that can be done either at the gym or at home. This app will enable them to train their clients better and produce much better results.

Total Gym Fitness

Download Free Total Gym Fitness App


If you are a personal trainer whose client is not in the same city as you, then Skype can be really useful. This free video calling app can enable you to train your client by the means of video representation.


Download Free Skype App

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