Top Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S4 is popular and gains more users every day. Here, we have some best apps to complement this mobile phone. We present some interesting apps for Android Samsung Galaxy S4 below:

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4


Eternity Warriors 2:

Eternity Warriors 2

Download here

If you are looking for high pace, arcade-style and enjoyable game then just go for Eternity Warriors 2. This game is incredible and provides several upgrading options with freemium model and permits users to play. So, you need not look for any other game just check it out.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger

Download here

The next basic Samsung app, many are not comfortable with is SMS app. luckily, recently Facebook added SMS to their messenger app list means incoming texts can be seen at same place were Facebook messages are displayed. It works only when you turn on text messaging in settings.



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If you have not downloaded Instagram app till now then hop to it. The android app for Instagram is as amazing as iOS counterpart and provides same sharing abilities to maintain social needs satisfied for hours. Make sure to check the latest features of app which is a simple method to track shots in which you are tagged.



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If you manage to tear yourself away from Game of Thrones for sometime then you must look for a big HBO hit on Goodreads. We do not think any owner of Galaxy S4 without this Android app as it provides access to numerous book reviews from other members of Goodreads (over 8,500,000) with own pals. You can maintain virtual bookshelf of conquered books and make some new lists which you want to check later.

Astrid tasks and To-do List:

Astrid tasks and To-do List

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This app is useful for forgetful types for its friendly reminders. Actually, Astrid for Android markets itself as digital sort of personal assistant, rather it is lofty statement. We have found this to be on point. App is beyond basic calendar remainders by tracking everything you should be on top which includes errands, phone calls, grocery lists and appointments among many other things.

Samsung Media Hub:

Samsung Hub

Download here

Samsung Hub, a place where you can find latest and best content, applications and games that are now available at Google Play store. This app is available for free, Hub is curator service that single out to android applications and games up to 600,000 and more.

S Health

S Health

It is the new app that is included in the suite of Galaxy S4. S Health, fitness and health app for tracking food and drink intake along with daily workouts. Also, it shows the comfort level by considering temperature and humidity. The daily weight loss targets are outlined and stores vital data for future reference. If you are serious about monitoring your weight then S Health is really helpful as it includes different graphs, charts and some interactive data.



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Are you a music lover? If yes the Spotify will be the right choice for you as it provides latest music for all its users. Favorite music can be streamed and the same can be purchased. This app is available just for $10 per month and you can dive into music pool. You are also provided with a catalogue where you can select millions of songs.



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Change in climate will affect the world in number of ways and you will not know what kind of weather will approach you. For this, it is essential to have trusted weather updating app on which you can trust blindly. Really, if you are looking for this benefit then go for 1Weather app as it is top rated in the Google Play Store. It is beneficial and you get updates on forecasts for every hour as it follows your location.

Remote control app:

Remote control app

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Smart remote control app, you can create, add customize multiple remotes and can combine controls from any existing remotes. Set up box from TV provider is controlled by channel up button on single remote. The home theater system is effectively controlled by volume keys and the TVs menu is controlled by arrow keys.

Pixlr Express:

Pixlr Express

Download here

Pixlr Express is a free photo editor that helps to resize, crop and fix any photo quickly. Also, it removes whiten teeth and red-eye. You can select from more than 600 effects, borders and overlays to personalize images for free.

MX Player:

MX Player

Download here

You can get best and enjoyable experience with MX Player while watching movies and media files.

  • Hardware acceleration: New hardware decoder is used to apply hardware acceleration.
  • Multi-core decoding: The first video player of Android is MX Player supporting multi-core decoding. It is proved that the performance of dual-core is excellent up to 70 percent than single core devices.
  • Pinch to zoom: you can zoom easily in and out by swiping and pinching around the screen.
  • Subtitle Scroll: To move back and forth faster, subtitles are scrolled.

MX Player:

S Planner

Download here

It is the next best app accessible on application drawer. It is default option on the Galaxy S4 device for all calendar activities. This app will be opened when you open it or if you are interacting with other apps that make use of calendar.



Download here

Viber, you can call, text, send pictures and video messages all over the globe for free using Wi-Fi or data connection of smartphones. HD sound clarity is supported by the phone calls and the conversation can be made with 40 people simultaneously.



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It is the simple mind-reading smart keyboard. Your mobile phone’s keyword will be replaced by Swiftkey. The next word will be predicted even before you press the key. It provides exact and accurate auto correct in 60 languages. Touch screen typing is made faster, simpler and personalized using Swiftkey.

I hope this article will help you and if we miss any important apps then feel free to post through your valuable comments.


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