Top Android Apps for Sony Xperia C

Sony Xperia C is one of the Xperia series handsets produced by Sony in the past few years. This device is a sleek and stylish looking phone with several impressive specs and features. The handset runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Operating system and this OS adds several features to the device. For example, users of Xperia C can download multiple applications to make the functionality of the device easier and much more useful.

These apps can be downloaded or bought from the Google Play store. The several category of apps available on this app store include gaming apps, entertainment apps, music apps, photo editing apps, instant messaging apps and utility apps to name a few. Every category has thousands of apps, of which we have selected the best Android apps for Sony Xperia C and they have been given below:


In today’s world of photo sharing over social networks, Instagram works as a perfect companion. This app lets you edit and post your images on social networking platforms to share with your friends.

Instagram Androi App

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WhatsApp Messenger

This is a free instant messaging service, using which you can message and chat with your friends on the contact list and share image and videos as well. This is the most popular app of this category in the world and is totally compulsory to have on your Xperia C phone.

WhatsApp Messenger Android App

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Yahoo Weather

This is a weather forecasting app which lets you check out the weather of your area or of any other part of the world. It gives accurate weather predictions and is a must have on Xperia C.

Yahoo Weather android app

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Clash of Clans

this is a gaming app in which you lead your clan against another and fight using amazing weapons and by making strategies. This game is loaded with stunning graphics.

Clash of Clans Android App

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Table Top racing

this is a lovely racing car with superb graphics and a good background score which creates a thrilling gameplay and makes your adrenaline rush. Download it and enjoy some amazing racing.

Table Top racing Android App

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Viber of the many free calling apps, this one works wonderfully as it lets you make free video and voice calls and also makes free text messaging and chatting possible.

Viber Android App

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Camera360 ultimate

Camera 360 ultimate to make your camera work even better and to make the most of it, you can download this app and enjoy many lovely effects and editing tools. This is a free app.

Camera360 ultimate Android App

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Nova launcher

This app helps you in customizing the settings of your phone and lets you add widgets, change theme, change wallpaper and do much more.  It is equipped with several useful features.

Nova launcher Android App

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The weather channel

This is a must have application on your Sony Xperia C as it gives accurate weather forecast and predictions of your current area and is fast and very efficient.  This app has been given a total star rating of 4.2 stars on the Google Play store.

The weather channel Android App

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Skype-free IM &voice calls

This is a free app which lets you make free voice and video calls and chat for free to anyone in the world for hours. This application saves a lot of your international and local calling charges and keeps you connected with the ones you love.

Skype Android App

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Candy Crush Saga

If there was an award for the most addictive gaming app, it would definitely go to Candy Crush Saga. This is a superb app with more than 500 levels of sheer bliss and candy crushing. It can be connected to Facebook to track progress of your friends and to ask them for lives and other powers.

Candy Crush Saga Android App

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