Top Android Apps for Web Developers

In this modern day and age of internet boom, there is an increase in the need of better and more advanced websites and WebPages. Website development has become a major profession in the world today and because of the competition, web developers experience a need to raise their performance levels.

For this purpose, many web developers make use of many mobile and tablet applications. These applications help to make the tasks of a web developer easy and time saving.

Infact many can be used to inspire web developers and provide them with better ways to develop and design websites. Android app store have many of these apps but we have selected the top Android apps for web developers. They are given as follows:

Magic Color Picker

This is one of the best and most useful Android apps which have proved to be of great use for web developers. Magic color picker is an effective and powerful color selection tool which suits the needs and requirements of many web developers.

The highlight feature about this app is that it supports 7 modes of colors. Users also get to use palettes or sliders to adjust the colors on this app.

Magic Color Picker

Download Free Magic Color Picker App

Fontly application

This is an ideal tool for everyone who is from the web development field. It is capable of highlighting the typographical works from personal collections that can then be geo tagged and instantly added to the social networks. Some features which are provided on this app include, freezing bug fix and speed optimization.

Fontly application

Download Free Fontly application App

Simple Texttext icon creator

If you are looking for an app which allows the creation of minimalistic text icon for many platforms, then you must download Simple Text-Text Icon Creator app.

This application is very handy and productive for web designers and developers as it can enable the creation of a bunch of text and that too with high speed.

Simple Text-text icon creator

Download Free Simple Text-text icon creator App

Adobe Photoshop

For anyone who is working as a web developer, it is important to improve pictures, make graphics and design good content. For this, there is no other tool better than Adobe Photoshop.

This application makes it possible for web developers to improve the quality of the photos and also promotes the creation of better graphics and designs. This app has been rated at 4 stars and is highly popular.

Adobe Photoshop

Download Free Adobe Photoshop App

CSS Pro quick guide

This is another app created and developed for the purpose and benefit of web development and web designing. It proves to very useful for web development beginners because it features simple instructions and consists of many impressive features like font styles, syntax, colors, CSS version information etc.  It has been given a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play store from where it can be downloaded.

CSS Pro quick guide

Download CSS Pro quick guide App for $0.99

WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

This app has especially been created for web developers. It makes the tasks and duties of these professionals very easy because it is a source code editor for your Android device.

This app includes numerous useful features such as code completion, syntax highlighting, built in virtual keys, undo/redo, edit, popular key phrase support and dark and light color schemes etc.

WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

Download Free WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite App

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