Top 10+ Android Apps for Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 is a mobile device launched by Sony which works on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS and is packed in with some impressive specs and features. To make the mobile handset even more interesting and useful, users can download large number of app.  These apps meet a number of purposes and help individuals get through their day with ease. Some apps are meant for entertainment while others are utility apps which can be used for productivity.

The apps can be downloaded on the Xperia Z2 mobile phone through the Google Play Store.  Among apps from all categories like entertainment, games, music and videos, camera and utility etc., we have constructed a list of the top Android apps which can be downloaded on the handset. This list of apps covers all categories and is a must-have on the Xperia Z2 phone.

Xperia Z2 for all

This app serves a number of purposes such as alarm, notification, wallpapers, UI, Widgets and ringtones etc. Using it, users can adjust these settings with ease. This is a free app.

Xperia Z2 for all app

Download App


This is another must-have app for all Sony Xperia  Z2 users as it lets you post images , videos, content and chats from anywhere in the world and share it with your friends.

Tumblr App

Download App

Nimble Quest

This is a gaming app for Z2 users which requires users to play a hero and fight the enemy across many stages. This app has been rated at 4.3 stars.

Nimble Quest App

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Dead trigger 2

This is another must have gaming app for Sony Xperia Z2 users which is loaded with amazing graphics, superb sound and fantastic action. This is a 4.5 star rated app.

Dead trigger 2 App

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Clean master

Free optimizer-this is a wonderful junk cleaning app which enhances the battery of your phone and keeps it secure from vulnerabilities. This app is used by more than 200 million people.

Clean master App

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WhatsApp messenger

How can one miss WhatsApp on the list of the best apps? This is a social networking platform or instant messaging app with millions and millions of users across the world.

WhatsApp messenger App

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Great big war game

This is an entertaining war game with lovely graphics and cute characters. This app has won many awards and is a 4.5 star rated app which can be downloaded for free.

Great big war game AppDownload App

Antivirus Pro Mobile security

This is an anti-virus app which keeps your Z2 mobile phone secure from viruses and other vulnerabilities. It is a must have for everyone who likes to protect his handset.

Antivirus Pro Mobile security App

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The Bard’s tale

Among the many games present on Android Play store, this one is a superb one. It has some really interesting graphics and a good background score.  It has more than 50 enemy types and good storyline.

The Bard’s tale App

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Apex Launcher

This is a superb and very useful app for all Xperia Z2 users as it lets them give their phone a complete makeover and lets them add several effects to it.This is a free app on the Google Play store.

Apex Launcher App

Download App

Skype-free IM &video calls

This is by far the best video calling platform through which you can make free video calls to anyone in the world.  It has an easy usability and a user friendly interface with excellent call quality.  It is a free app.

Skype-free IM &video calls App

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Camera Zoom FX

This is a photography app through which users can click photos in several interesting modes and also make collage of the selected pictures. This app has several other superb features and has been rated at 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store.

Camera Zoom FX App


Download App

So download these apps and enjoy enhanced experience on your Smartphone.

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