Top 10+ Apps for HTC One M8

HTC One M8 is one of the most popular handsets launched by HTC Mobiles. This is a sleek and stylish looking device which is powered by a quad core processor.It features a 5 inch display screen and runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system. The fact that this device is powered by the latest version of the Android OS makes it possible for users to download the most updated version of the many useful apps on it.

Of the several apps present on the app store, it can be confusing to choose the best ones. There are gaming app, utility apps, education apps, travel apps, music and song apps, photo and video apps and many others. But to help you select the most useful and top rated apps, we have compiled a list of the top apps as given below. So download the apps and have a whole new experience on your device.


Pocket is basically a pocket magazine and newspaper app which gives you access to news stories, photos and videos from the world over and also lets you save them on your HTC One M8 phone. Download this app for latest news on all your favorite topics.

Pocket App

Download App


This is the best, most popular and most downloaded instant messaging apps in the world with millions of users across the length and breadth of every nation.  This app has been given a very high rating on the app store, thanks to its popularity.

WhatsApp Messenger Android App

Download App

Reddit Now

Reddit is a social news and entertainment website and this app gives you access to its articles, content and images on your mobile phone. This is a superb app for those who like to be in touch with the happenings of the world.

Reddit Now App

Download App

Cut The Rope 2

This is an interesting strategy game which is highly addictive and really tests your mind and presence of mind. This is a must have game for HTC One M8 users.

Cut The Rope 2 App

Download App


This is a photography app that can help you convert your normal looking photographs into stunning pictures through its many editing and photo capturing tools.  This is a free app.

VSCO Cam App

Download App

Hungry Oni

This is a superb game with an interesting game play and features which can entertain you in your free time.  Collect and consume the strange objects and have fun.

Hungry Oni App

Download App

Reactr: Selfies +Reactions

keeping in trend with the selfie fever; this app helps you click stunning selfies and also lets you give those wonderful reactions of surprise, happiness and joy. This is a 4.2 star rated app.

Reactr Selfies +Reactions App

Download App

Captain America: TWS

This is the demo version of the action packed superhero app which is loaded with amazing graphics and an interesting game play. This is a free app with 100% Marvel experience and is ideal for all the action loving guys out there.

Captain America TWS App

Download App

Grapes Issue

This is a paid gaming app which combines physics and arcade play styles. This is a puzzle game which can be downloaded on your One M8 phone and has been given a 5.0 star rating.  So download it to have some fun and use your mind to get through the lovely levels.

Grapes Issue App

Download App

Cut the Rope

What a lovely and wonderful strategic game this is! With cute graphics, endless levels and good background score, this game wins hearts of many and is popular all across the world.

Cut the Rope App

Download App


Skype is a free video and voice calling app which lets you make calls for free to anyone in the world. It also lets you send unlimited text messages and do chats with your friends and family from your mobile phone itself.

Skype App

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