Top 10+ Apps for LG G2

LG G2 is the name given to the mobile phone which is loaded with impressive features and comes in a sleek and stylish looking frame.  This handset runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean OS and is upgradeable to the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat Operating system.

The fact that LG G2 runs on Android makes it a device where the most amazing phone apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Be it music apps, utility apps, productivity apps, video and photo apps or gaming apps, you can download all kinds of application on the phone to make it more useful and entertaining.

Since large number of apps present on Google Play Store, choosing the top and best ones can get confusing. But with the following list of the top apps for LG G2, you can get an idea of the best possible apps for your device.

LG G2 Emulator

This is an app that has especially been designed for your LG G2 and helps you make use of the best features. It lets you improve your overall phone experience is packed in with many video clips for the phone.

LG G2 Emulator App

Download Android App

Nova Launcher

This is another app which makes your phone experience excellent and is highly customizable. This app is performance driven and is loaded with several amazing specs and features like color themes, scroll effects etc.

Nova Launcher Android App

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Alarm Clock by Double Twist

To wake you up on time every morning, this is the perfect app for your mobile phone. This app has a stunning time watch and works in two modes-analog and flip clock.

Alarm Clock by Double Twist App

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Angry Birds go

This is a superb gaming app which is popular all across the world for its addictive game play and superb graphics.  Download it for an amazing experience with angry birds.

Angry Birds Go Android App

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Pixlr Express

Photo editing-this is a lovely photo editing app which lets you edit your pictures and transform them into stunning looking images which you can share over social networks like Facebook etc.

Pixlr Express Android App

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Ridiculous Fishing

This is an interesting yet very unusual fishing game in which you don’t fish with a fishing rod but with rather strange objects like guns and toasters.  This is a high rated app.

Ridiculous Fishing Android App

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among the many note taking apps out there, this is surely one of the best ones. It lets you write to do lists, note down important tasks and share your notes over different platforms.

Evernote Android App

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Viber is a wonderful phone calling platform sing which you can make free voice and video calls to anyone in the world who is using an internet connection. This app also lets you send free texts as well.

Viber Android App

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This is an app which lets you identify the name of the person who is calling you from an unknown number. This is a great way to stay away from unwanted or promotional or advertising calls by blocking them.

Truecaller Android App

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Minecraft Pocket Edition

This wonderful game of Minecraft involves placing blocks to build things and then move on in the adventure.  It has been rated at 4.5 stars and is very popular worldwide.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Android App

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Rage of the Gladiator

As the name suggests, this is an action packed thrilling game for all those who love action and enjoy battles and fights.  This game is packed with 3D graphics.

Rage of the Gladiator Android App

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Photo Studio Pro

Edit your pictures like a pro using this awesome photo editing app which has several unique filters and good tools which can transform your pictures in seconds.  Download it now to have some amazing looking snaps.

Photo Studio Pro Android App

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So simply download these apps to further enhance your working experience on your amazing LG G2 handset.

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