Top apps for Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620 is one of Nokia’s reasonably priced handset which is packed with some decent specifications. This handset, like other Lumia handset runs on the Windows Phone Operating system and is thus a phone where users can download many useful and interesting applications.

These apps help users in their day to day activities and also entertain them in their free time. Thousands of apps are present in the multiple categories of gaming, music, education, social networking, instant messaging and photo editing etc.  To choose from this wide number of apps can get confusing but there are a few apps which are a must-have on your Lumia 620 phone.

Based on customer ratings, critic ratings, user response and number of downloads, we have compiled a list of the top apps that can be downloaded on your Nokia Lumia 620 to enhance its overall experience and make it more useful.


To make free calls and free video calls to your loved ones and friends, download this app and make the most of unlimited free texts as well. This app can be downloaded for free of cost from the app store.

Viber App


Download App

Kik Messenger

this is another instant messaging app which lets you connect with your friends for free of cost. This app lets you share images, videos and songs as well with the ones you love.

Kik Messenger App


Download App


This is a free movie streaming app which gives you access to thousands of movies from across the world on your mobile phone. This app is only valid for paid subscribers.


Download App


This is another must have application for Nokia Lumia 620 users and is an app which puts you to sleep with the help of soothing music and 10 base sounds for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sleep App

Download App

UC Browser

This browser app has more than 500 million users worldwide and is an app which is easy to use, smooth to maintain and comes with several useful tools and specs.

UC Browser

Download App

BBC iPlayer

This app lets you watch TV programmes live and also on-demand. This app gives users the best viewing experience and works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. this is a high rated app.

BBC iPlayer App

Download App

Camera 360

This is a photo editing app which has 200 million users worldwide and has several features which can convert your normal snaps into stunning looking pictures. This is a free app.

Camera 360 App

Download App


this app must be downloaded by all music lovers on their Lumia 620 device. It lets you listen to unlimited songs for free and also lets you create playlists as well.

Music+ App

Download App

Fruit Ninja

This is a very addictive fruit smashing app which has amazing graphics and is packed with several modes of play. The smooth interface and accuracy of this app makes it so wonderful and popular.

Fruit Ninja App

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This is a free IM and video and voice calling app which lets you make free calls to anyone in the world. The call quality and video quality of this app is wonderful and this is the reason for its popularity.

Skype App

Download App

Cut the Rope Exp

this is a much advanced and interesting version of the popular Cut the Rope strategy game which lets you make strategies to gain maximum points.  This is a highly rated app.

Cut the Rope Exp App

Download App

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