Top Apps for Sony Xperia Tablet S

Sony Xperia Tablet S is one of the two tablets produced in this category by Sony and is a tab that sports a 9.4 inch display screen. This tablet runs on the Android OS 4.0.3 ICS but is upgradeable to Jelly Bean version as well.

This device from Sony Xperia is packed in with an 8 MP rear end camera and also a 1 MP front facing camera for video calling purposes. The great features of Tablet S are further improved by the number of apps that can be downloaded on it through Google Play Store.

The following are some of the best apps which you can download on your Xperia Tablet S:

Reader for Xperia Tablet S

This is an app which can be considered as the most downloaded one on this tablet and gives you an access to thousands of eBooks.

Reader for Xperia Tablet S apps

Download FreeReader for Xperia Tablet S App


Skype is a perfect voice chatting and video calling app for this tablet as it has a pretty big screen for better video calls.

Skype app

Download Free Skype App

Xperia Play Wallpapers HD

This app  gives users of Xperia Tablet S an access to many wallpapers and is considered to be very popular as well.

Xperia Play Wallpapers HD apps

Download Free Xperia Play Wallpapers HD App

Xperia Link™

This is an app through which you can link your tablet with a computer system and receive notifications on the screen of the system.

Xperia Link™ app

Download Free  Xperia Link App

Grand Theft Auto

This is a wonderfully designed game with lovely graphics and interesting interface. It is a popular choice for Xperia Tablet S.

Grand Theft Auto app

Download Gran Theft Auto App‎ for $4.99

 Super Hexagon

This too is a popular game downloaded by many Tablet S owners as it has the advantage of a good big screen.

Super Hexagon app

Download Super Hexagon App for ‎$2.99

BBC News

BBC News is a news feed app which keeps you informed about all the major news from all across the world.

BBC News app

Download Free BBC News App

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

This is a pretty popular and cool app for your tablet as it gives the time and distance between two points.

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO apps

Download Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro App for $4.99

Little Galaxy

This is an arcade game which is a must for your tablet S. Very high on popularity!

Little Galaxy app

Download Little Galaxy App for $0.99

World Map

As the name suggests, this app gives you a detailed world map in a very comfortable to read format.

World Map apps

Download Free Worl Map App

 He Man

This is a game for you if you are into gaming, action heroes and action. It is considered to be the most powerful game for phones and tablets in the universe.

He Man app

Download He Man App for $1.07

Bible Offline

This app gives you access to Bible, even when you are in offline mode. This app is also high on popularity.

Bible Offline apps

Download Free Bible Offline App

Fester Mudd Episode 1

An adventurous game for all the gaming lovers and also one which you will enjoy on a boring day.

Fester Mudd Episode 1 apps

Download Free Fester Mudd Episode 1 App


Facebook works great on Sony Xperia Tablet S and this version of Facebook is a pretty user friendly one as well.

Facebook apps

Download Free Facebook App

Tiny Flashlight + LED

This is an app which lets the users of Xperia Tablet S get access to a wonderfully bright flashlight which comes with LED.

Tiny Flashlight + LED app

Download Free Tiny Flashlight + LED App

Drift Mania Championship 2 LE

This is another popular app for gaming and racing lovers as it offers a lot of thrill. A must have for Xperia Tablet S.

Drift Mania Championship 2 LE apps

Download Free Drift Mania Championship 2 LE App

Wake Up Screen

This is a paid app which is fun, handy and extremely useful. It allows the users to wake the screen up by shaking it a little.

Wake Up Screen apps

Download Wake Up Screen App for $2.99

Hardwood Spades

This is an addictive card game which can be enjoyed by the whole family on the Xperia tablet S. This too is a paid app.

Hardwood Spades apps

Download  Hardwood Spades App for $0.99

Droid Notify

Many Xperia Tablet S users download this app due to its lovely functionality.

Droid Notify apps

Download Free Droid Notify App


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