Top 5 Diving Game Apps for All the Android Users

Diving game apps for Android are very much popular and wide range of players from all over the world prefer to get them. Most of the Diving games comes with top quality 3D graphics and ensures top-notch gaming experience.

Top Diving Game Apps for All the Android Users

Diving DoongDoong

The diving episode of DoongDoong recreated diving game. Players can select their character from available 5 different characters: Wood, DoongDoong, Keaton, Charming and Toy. Each and every character has its own unique ability. The gameplay is exciting and you can attain best gaming experience.

Diving DoongDoong

Diving DoongDoong2

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Download Free Diving DoongDoong App

Cliff Diving 3D Free

Brave crashing waves, staggering heights and jagged rocks to get Cathedral Rock. You will be diving from towering platforms to turbulent sea below but make sure you do not strike cliff side. One must perform perfect dives, somersaults and pikes to move ahead to higher platforms.

Also, combine reckless abandon and techniques to get best leaderboards and bonus points. This game comes with impressive 3D graphics and ensures best gaming experience.

Cliff Diving 3D Free

Cliff Diving 3D Free2

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Download Cliff Diving 3D Free App

Stickman Cliff Diving

Get your kicks and jump down the dangerous and highest cliffs across the planet. It is the most popular games and some 9 million people are addicted to Stickman Cliff Diving. You must perform different jumping styles and get rating from 5 judges.

The requested handicap must be fulfilled to get qualified for next jump. Cliffs up to 125 meters high, exciting game play, multiple jump types, stick animations are excellent and bonus points on perfect jumps are some of the vital features of the game.

Stickman Cliff Diving

Stickman Cliff Diving2

Stickman Cliff Diving3

Download Stickman Cliff Diving3 App for $1.95

Animal Diving

Join Animals and capture gold in 10m Platform Diving. You will play the role of penguin which represents Penguin Kingdom to compete in the diving competition finals, your opponents are frog, beaver, otter, seal and kingfisher and your main aim is beat these five contestants and get trophy by doing best jumps in five rounds.

The game starts with penguin walking to the platform’s edge and you may select forward or backward as jumping direction by clicking corresponding icon. You can enjoy playing this game as it ensures unique gaming experience.

Animal Diving

Animal Diving2

Animal Diving3

Download Free Animal Diving App

Treasure Diving

Treasure Diving, you will be diving into an exotic underwater world. Explore seabed, ancient ocean mysteries and feel like the ruler for marine kingdom. Loads of exciting quests, risky expeditions and daring adventures are waiting for you as well as your friends.

The luck smiles only on the brave treasure hunter so hurry up and grab the things. Join expedition into blue sea to find arcane artifacts, hidden mysteries to get gold and ancient treasures.

Select your own way and take marine world in your control, grow exotic plants and more with Treasure diving. The game comes with colorful and stunning graphics.

Treasure Diving

Treasure Diving1


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Download Free Treasure Diving App

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