Top Gear Stunt School Revolution – a Top Android Game

Finally the wait has come to an end, after the release of Top gear stunt school revolution game for android phones. Now the android users must rush to Amazon Appstore to pickup the free version of the game.

Despite of being a free version, the game has some appealing graphics and symbols. All the cars that you find in the game can be upgraded and customized, the maps of TGSSR will help you in racing through some top cities like New York, Moscow and London.

Top Gear Stunt School Revolution

The new version of Top gear game will let you to customize your cars by adding large engines, better tires, jet thrusters and wings. Probably adding wings may surprise you, but you can add wings to your car and race on the tracks like Grand Canyon, Alcatraz, Sydney Harbor and New York.

In the upgraded version of Top gear game, there’s a new level named pumpkin pickup, a Halloween themed and three new cars are included in the game for players to reach this level such as pumpkin car, Frankenstein sports car and hot-rod hearse.

The only downfall of the game is that its available only in Amazon’s Appstore at present and hope it will make its way to Google play so that every gamer can access it.

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