Top 5 Music Game Apps for Android

Here is the chance for all the music lovers to play the games that are based on music. You can not only listen to your favorite music but also play along with it.

All you need is a smartphone to download these wonderful music game apps and play as much as you want to. These are few music game apps that will blow your mind.

Logo Quiz – Music Bands

This game gives you the logo of a band or a musician and with the help of few clues you need to figure out the artist’s name. It’s a pretty interesting game.

You get four hints for every level and you get one extra hint for every level you clear. The key feature of this game is that it has a lot of genres from rock to hip-hop. It keeps getting updated so you will get to play new artists. It’s a free app.

Logo Quiz - Music Bands

Download Free Logo Quiz – Music Bands App

Christmas Rocks

This is a super exciting game. You get to play all the Christmas carols in rock version, for all those who hated hymns this is an opportunity to listen to your favorite carol in rock version.

The Christmas season is almost there and people are already going mad about this game. Christmas rocks is a similar game to tap tap revenge and guitar hero. This is also a free game on play store.

Christmas Rocks

Download Free Christmas Rocks App


Cha-ching band manager is one of the best strategy games. You as a manager get to form a band and help them make an album. You have to find shows and maintain the band and make sure they don’t split up.

You have to make wise moves and take the right steps to help your band make it to the top. It’s a very interesting game, keeps you engaged to it 24/7. You can download this game for free on play store.


Downlaod Free Cha-Ching BAND MANAGER App

Music Hero

This has one unique feature, were you can use your own songs to play this game. It follows the plot of the games like tap tap revenge, guitar heroes and Christmas rocks.

In the mentioned games they provide the music tracks and you can only play those tracks, but in this particular game you can chose any song from your smartphone device and you can play according to that. The only irritating part of the game is the ads every now and then, but the good thing is that it’s for free on play store.

Music Hero

Download Free Music Hero App

A Story of a Band

This is the best rock band game you will ever come across. It has an amazing story and you have to continue the rest of the story as you have to manage and make sure that the band makes the right decisions.

There will be a lot of fights, as the band members keep having mood swings so you need to make sure that they stick around. You get to decide where they play make sure they get gig and they practice well, as they have to impress the audience.

A Story of a Band

Download  A Story of a Band App for $2.57

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