Top New Android Games in 2013


Are you looking for some interesting top new android games in July 2013 for your android device? If yes, you are at the right place as we present latest and exciting game apps.

Top New Android Games in 2013

Shoot Bubble Deluxe:

Shoot Bubble Deluxe

Download here

Shoot Bubble Deluxe, it is a classic puzzle or shooting game launched by City Games LLC. The vital objective is to make some combination which has minimum of three bubbles and burst them. Players can get into next level after clearing all these bubbles. This game is available in two different modes such as arcade mode and puzzle mode.


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The new racing game launched by Vector Unit is Riptide GP2. Show your racing expertise on potent hydro jets and take part in extreme multi-player races conducted online. You can steer by tilting your device towards left and right. You can refill boosts by catching air and implementing new techniques. If you perform the same stunt then you can get boosts. Hot lap, play race, freestyle events and elimination events to make XP and cash to improve hydro jet, raise performance of rider and new stunts can be unlocked.
Road Warrior:

Road Warrior

Download here

Road Warrior, it is a multiplayer battle racing game that was launched by Top Free Apps and Games. Players can race against various opponents in multiple races from plain runway to rough rally roads. Guns can be used to shoot and blast them. You can obtain nitro boosts and coins by performing stunts and flips. Players can select from numerous car options such as sedans to extensive monster trucks. You can race against bosses by getting respect. After beating them, you can take their killing and racing machines.

Floppy Turd

Turd Birds

Download here

Really, these birds need to POOP badly. High flying birds always look for dropping the turds together. So, you look for targets and tap to crap. City parks, beaches, construction sites and anywhere you can aim and poop grannies, lifeguards and even your Facebook friends.

CSR Racing:

CSR Racing

Download here

CSR Racing, the game is completely about drag racing. The vital thing to win this race is to start on right rev and up shift at perfect time. While going faster, there is a blur effect during the race which ensures off the speed sense. An excitement will be added when you get much close to the enemy. The game has multiple tires and every game has racing group that you have to defeat. You must need a faster car to beat them. CSR Racing game has three different modes so you can get good amount of cash to upgrade to new car. If you are already into drag racing then you will find CSR Racing as a fun and entertaining game.

Dead Space:

Dead Space

Download here

EA’s space horror permit strike unlikely hero in mute engineer Isaac Clarke, whose solitary journey cutting limbs of re-animated dreadfulness delivered highest scares of current solace generation. The introduction of Isaac portable maintains the tradition with attractive graphics, slimmed-down version of next interstellar zombie destruction.

Fast Racing 3D:

Fast Racing 3D

Download here

Fast Racing 3D, it is a racing game created by Doodle Mobile Ltd. The game play will have people changing their direction through traffic and knocking other road racers. You can get extra speed by collecting power-ups effectively. The sound effects in this particular game are excellent with impressive graphics. Players are given a chance to customize their own vehicles, race up to 40 different levels and make huge cash to avoid unlocking new cars.

Angry Birds Friends:

Angry Birds Friends

Download here

The original Angry Birds game is the most popular and successful game ever. In the competitive area, Rovio is attracting new limitation. This game allows players to tap into the network of their friends on Facebook to provide latest dimension to its familiar game. Players can get into some special tournaments with their friends on weekly basis and there are some three different levels per every week.

Pac-Man Dash:

Pac-Man Dash

Download here

Pac-Man Dash, it is the latest action games created by Namco Bandai Games Inc. this is a fun game and we should maintain Pac-Man busy with running, eating cookies and ghosts. You will run through different stages like Pac-Man’s home in city to ghost’s world underground. You can keep running for longer time only if you eat more ghosts. Accumulated cookies can be exchanged for power-up items. Fight with your friends and check who keeps running longest.

Candy Crush SAGA:

Candy Crush SAGA

Download here

Same as Bejweled, Candy Crush SAGA provides different types of candies to the players and asks to match to clear them and make points. All you have to do is swipe fingers across candies to exchange them. Players can make huge points if they match four or more. If you want to play good at Candy Crush SAGA then set yourself up to obtain great matches and chances to win huge points. This game integrates with Facebook so that you can now have track on high scores and can challenge your friends. The new update of Candy Crush SAGA has new sections of Munchy Monolith, Savory Shores and the latest Chamelon Candy.

Drag Racing:

Drag Racing

Download here

Drag Racing, it is the hottest drag racing game especially for Android users. In this game, the game play is simple and easy, just race with other car in straight line. Players can challenge their friends or race the online opponents randomly. Race nine players simultaneously and explore your skills in 1-mile, 1/2-mile and 1/4-mile races. You can win huge cash to upgrade your car by winning the race.

Mega Run:

Mega Run

Download here

If you love Megajump then definitely you will love Mega Run. In this never ending running game, you can again see the Redford back. In this game, you will see that your character will be running and jumping simultaneously. Players can make Redford jump, land, climb on top of head of enemies and obtain extra energy on the way. The recent updates of Mega Run game include Google+ Sign in button to menu, also new method to get FREE MP by seeing videos and many performance fixes.

Bingo Fever:

Bingo Fever

Download here

Bingo Fever, it is the latest bingo game that is developed by Topfun. You can compete with players across the world in nine bingo rooms designed as different countries. Each room will have some 12 special items for players to locate and correct. Fill up three spaces and you can use power-ups. Purchase extra power-ups with coins and have got the chance to win huge money.

Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja

Download here

If you do not know about Halfbrick’s ubiquitous game, the set up is very clear and straightforward incredibly. Players will play as shadow warrior while training, improving sword skills by dividing all sorts of fruit that bounces on the screen. But, it is much about controlling reflexes than it is crazily slashing your device touch screen.

Angry Birds Star Wars:

Angry Birds Star Wars

Download here

As widely mercenary as a version enabled with force of Angry Birds might seem, the latest variant of Rovio’s mobile juggernaut is pretty awesome. The game-play with standard birds got down on iconic sequences from star wars saga and you can deflect lasers using light-saber and use Force Push on insecure environments of franchise.

Racing Thunder 2:

Racing Thunder 2

Download here

Racing Thunder 2, it is a race game developed by Pixelbite Games. Drive through tropical beaches, neglected temples and mountains covered with snow. Players can select from different options such as Survival, Instant Race, Time Attack, Career Mode or any of five single player modes. Power-ups and coins can be collected so that you can upgrade and purchase a new car to take opponents. It is an extensive racing game that allows players to come back again and again for more.

Highway Rider:

Highway Rider

Download here

Highway Rider, you must have enough dare to be a highway rider and make sure to speed down highway without crashing into vehicles. You can make more coins by crossing more vehicles. Just see that you do not crash any vehicle. The coins will go for your hospital bill if you crash into vehicles and thereby lose coins. The quality of graphics and sound effects are exciting when you are playing this game.

Sniper Shooter:

Sniper Shooter

Download here

Sniper Shooter, it is a shooting game developed by Fun Games and available for free. You have to kills the bad guys as many as possible as they become Master Hitman. Just tilt the device and tap the screen for shooting or killing them. Players can enhance skills by doing some challenging tasks and mini sniper puzzles.

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