Top 15+ Notepad Apps for Android

Android has a variety of useful Notepad apps for the users to make notes on their Smartphone or tablets and carry them along.  This helps them to open and view their important notes whenever needed.

Each app has interesting features and is different from another. Below given are the names of Top 15+ Notepad apps for Android along with their features.


With this app you can note and save any task or idea that comes to your mind immediately and view or edit it whenever you want. It also allows you to voice record your note if you are not able to type it.

You can also save images captured through camera or received via some other app like Whatsapp. It has the feature of synchronizing or sharing notes across devices.


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ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote is a very simple notepad app in which you can write and edit simple notes like short tasks of the day. It is like writing a memo which can be sent across to anybody.

As the name suggests, the unique feature of this app is its color identification for each separate note. Allot different colors to each note to identify them.  It also has a time alarm which rings when a task is due.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

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Google Drive

Google Drive is a very good Android app for storing documents, photos and videos at one place and accessing/ sharing them anytime.

Go for meetings tension free as you are not bound to miss any file document or photo video which you may need to access during meeting and share them.

You can also pull presentations sent to you from others and view them with video and sound even while travelling. The best thing is that you can view any stored file even if you don’t have an internet connection available.

Google Drive

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Google Keep

Any idea that is in your mind can be quickly entered to your device. You can also prepare a checklist of your items. You can speak out your idea which is automatically typed out on the device.

Some items become unwanted after some time so just swipe them out to delete/archive them. Any note can be turned into a checklist using checkbox option. You can also set reminders for the tasks.

Google keep

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Inkpad Notepad – Notes – To Do

In case you have gone for shopping and realized that you forgot your item list you would repent, but you always carry your Smartphone or tablet in which you can save your item list through Inkpad.

It is a very easy app which is very paper like when you are creating it.  You can immediately view your list online through www.inkpad/ You can create a list as a normal note and then convert it into to-do list by selecting the to-do button at the top.

Inkpad Notepad – Notes – To Do

Download Free Inkpad Notepad – Notes – To Do App

Do It Tomorrow

If you want to postpone any of your tasks to tomorrow, Do It (Tomorrow) app is appropriate for the same. It gives reminder for today and you create push-off to tomorrow. It is a simple app. It has feature of just check-off tasks or delete them permanently.  It allows recording and editing existing tasks.

Do It Tomorrow

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With OneNote you can note down your current momentary idea which you cannot afford to forget at all. The advantage of this is the notes are always in your hand or pocket, just open them to read any time.

The distinguishing feature is formatting your notes like bold, underline, italics, indenting paragraphs, increasing or decreasing font size.

Even searching the file is made easy by only typing the keyword. For lecturers the feature available is adding audio and video notes which can be played at any time.


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Task List

Task list app is a very customizable list with various settings available. You can assign your desired action to the buttons for swipe and other and make this app behave as you want in the forms of icons.

It has about 150 icons and also has task reminder for repeating any task. Feature of speech to text also distinguishes this app from others.

Task List

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Papyrus – Natural Notemaking

Papyrus is a natural writing pad app which is just like a plain paper, but is also modernized with latest technology. With Papyrus you can take handwritten notes on Android device using pen (e.g. Samsung S.pen) or you can write with your fingers.  It has got vector graphics engine with which you can view your notes very beautifully at any zoom level you chose.

Papyrus – Natural Notemaking

Download Free Papyrus – Natural Notemaking App

GNotes – Sync notes with Gmail

GNotes is one of the best apps for Android with which you can sync notes very easily with other mobile devices and organize your tasks.

Drag notes between different apps and delete them. Best of all make the notes visible on your home page itself for easy access at anytime.

GNotes – Sync notes with Gmail

Download Free GNotes – Sync notes with Gmail App


Go Notepad is simple notepad app of Android. One just has to write what he wants to remember and the best part you do not have to save it, it gets saved on its own.

Its unique feature is that if you have multiple notes on your device and cannot locate the one you want, this new notepad app will find it easily.


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Notes Notepad To Do

This has been rated as the best notepad app for Android. This notepad allows you to quickly create and save your note content with supporting cloud sync to the google task.  Your notes remain secure on this notepad.

Notes Notepad To Do

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Lecturenotes is an Android app only for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus.  It is apt for students of colleges where they can note down important lecture notes on their device easily and refer to them at home.


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Simple Notepad

This app takes a quick and easy note-taking experience.  It is not only simple and easy-to-use but also comes with many features, checklist widgets, reminders etc. It also has feature of search and sort. It gives the option of giving color to the title. You can upload them to dropbox, Evernote, etc

Simple Notepad

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Notepad:  Note list

Notelist is the elegant notepad for your device. It has got simple operations and you can create quick notes, to-do items and jot down all your reminders.

It has a very large notepad for typing your notes. It stores related information like note title and priority. It offers option of archiving folders.

Notepad:  Note list

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With this, you can even attach your free-hand drawing – everything in style and totally without papers. You can create multiple notebooks for every subject and thus avoid messing up. For people like students and office secretaries, the Notebook app is a must in their phones or tablets.


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