Top Security Apps for Android


You can maintain security environment in the Android device using some best security apps. Same as computer system, mobiles phones are also used to store different types of data which includes files, messages, contact information and more is effectively stored in mobile storage area. So, there is a chance of data getting stolen. As we all know that android is popular for its openness and security became primary concern on different android devices. There is also chance of malware in the android mobile device so it is suggested to install security apps for protecting their devices.

Top Security Apps For Android

Some of the top security apps that are compatible with android devices are presented below:

Avast Mobile Security:

Avast Mobile security, the best security key for android devices and it is rated top in the market. Without any doubt, currently it is considered as the top security solution in the market. It has some vital and unique features such as siren alert, SMS history wipe along with some fundamental features such as firewall, network meter, GPS tracking, virus scan, message filter, call filter and many more. So, you can easily opt for Avast Mobile Security without looking more.

Avast Mobile Security

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Kaspersky Mobile Security:

Same as Kaspersky’s Antivirus for computers, Kaspersky Mobile Security for android devices is considered as an outstanding solution for android. This android product protects your device from Malware, Virus, cyber thieves and hackers. It has simple sophisticated privacy features, if in case your mobile is lost then you can lock the mobile and protect private information just by sending a message. Also, you can trace your mobile phone when it is lost.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

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AVG Anti Virus:

AVG Anti Virus, this mobile security app is perfectly developed by AVG Mobile. You can protect your mobile from harmful malware, viruses, spyware and thereby maintain personal data safe. Also, you can locate the stolen or lost phone using Google Maps, safely browse the web and battery consumption can be monitored perfectly. Your device will be protected from downloaded app with the help of real-time security scanner.

AVG Anti Virus

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Norton Security Antivirus

Norton Security Antivirus, this mobile security app is developed by NortonMobile. You can protect android devices from loss, theft, viruses and malware. It is always suggested to scan all the latest apps downloaded to your device for malware and privacy risks. Lost or stole mobile device can be located remotely and then send customized SMS to anyone who finds the device. Block all the unwanted calls and texts from unknown people.

Norton Security Antivirus

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Quick Heal Mobile Security:

Quick Heal Mobile Security, it is not much popular but it is excellent when we consider complete security of an android device. It is top rated antivirus for security by users with 4.5 (good rating). The system scams for phishing attacks, malwares and spam SMS automatically. This app has all the basic features such as virus protection, call filtering, data protection, message block, locates stolen or lost device, phone is locked when lost to private information. Overall, Quick Heal Mobile Security mobile app is highly trusted and it is recommended to protect your android device.

Quick Heal Mobile Security

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Security is mandatory for any Smartphone so select the right application from the above mentioned security apps to protect your android device.


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