Top 5 Self Defense Apps for Android

The rate of crime is increasing these days. The streets are not safe for anyone who is walking alone in the night or in a deserted area. People have to be careful around such streets because they might get molested or physically abused.

It’s very important for a person to be prepared when someone attacks them. Here are few apps that will help you learn the basic to advanced moves to defend yourself.

Self Defense for Women

This is an app exclusively made for women who have to pass through the dangerous streets out there. Self defense for women teaches you all the moves you need to save yourself from the attackers.

It focuses on basic self defense moves that you can employ to resist an attacker, ideal weapons for self defense, effective martial arts, correct posture in self defense and being alert in high-risk places.

Self Defense for Women

Download Self Defense for Women App for $1.14

Bully Buster – FREE

This app is really helpful for kids to save themselves from getting bullied. It provides all the secret tactics to defend a child from getting bullied.

It helps a kid to learn bullying basics and it also has a lot of other information like teaching a child to speak to an adult or school officials and teach them how to be confident. It’s a free app and every kid needs to learn these methods to keep him away from getting bullied.

Bully Buster - FREE

Download Bully Buster – FREE App

Self Defense

Self Defense is a wonderful guide to understand and implement all the moves that will help you defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

It will teach you how to keep your home environment safe which is beyond alarms and lock systems. It also helps you in learning how to stay safe at workplace and in public places.

This app will also help you in making your kids understand how to be safe when you are out of the house. You can purchase this app on play store.

Self Defense

Downlaod Self Defense App for $1.22

Marine Corps Martial Arts I

This is advanced level of defense. The moves and tricks it provides are totally brilliant as people who are highly trained in this field have given the best information needed to learn these defensive methods in the most effective way possible.

This app has all the moves in the order and it helps you understand better with the help of pictures and videos. It focuses on important things like hand-to-hand combat, edged weapons and weapons of opportunity.

This app is by the marine military and you can buy it on play store for 81 rupees.

Marine Corps Martial Arts I

Download Marine Corps Martial Arts I App for $1.49

Self-defense. (World karate)

This app helps you learn the fighting art called karate. It will teach you everything from basics to advance. It even provides the right workouts to make your body fit to learn this art.

It’s available in 9 languages and it gives you the pictures of the move so that you can have the correct posture and learn the right method. It’s priced at 122 rupees on play store.

Self-defense. (World karate)

Downlaod Self-defense. (World karate) App for $1.99

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