Top SMS Apps for Android

Free SMSing is a pleasant reality, courtesy all the amazing SMS apps that developers have unleashed in the Andorid marketplace. Not only can you enjoy free SMS facilities, but also you can relish a whole new platform of messaging where sending images and videos is as convenient as sending text messages Moreover, there are apps that provide you free calling facilities also. Here is a look at the top ones in this category.

Viber: Free Messages & Calls

Viber: Free Messages & Calls-Android SMS App  Viber: Free Messages & Calls-Android SMS App

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Social networking has become an important phenomenon today. It helps you to connect with friends, especially those who are located far away. Thus, a number of messaging and calling apps are being developed for the same reason. Various kind of apps have been developed which not only help you in staying connected with your friends and family but also make this facility available for free.

So without paying a fortune, you stay connected with your friends and relatives no matter how far they are located. A few of such apps have been described below.Viber helps you to send messages, photos and videos across the world absolutely free of cost to more than two hundred million users having the 3G, Wi-Fi, etc. Viber is accessible on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows phone and a number of other devices as well as platforms.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger-Android SMS App  WhatsApp Messenger-Android SMS App

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It is an app for the Smart phone messenger which is available on android as well as other smart phones. It requires 3G or Wi-Fi for sending text to friends, family, etc. Now you can switch to Whtsapp from messages and send as well as receive text messages, audio files, photos and videos for free. There are absolutely no hidden costs and once you download this app you can utilize it for unlimited chatting.

Tango Text, Voice, and Video

Tango Text, Voice, and Video-Android SMS App  Tango Text, Voice, and Video-Android SMS App

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Tango offers the top quality video as well as voice calls, messages, picture and video sharings, games and a lot more and all this – absolutely free of cost. It is an all in one Social networking application which combines all the ways of interacting with family and friends. You can join more than one hundred and twenty million people from across the world.


GO SMS Pro-Android SMS App  GO SMS Pro-Android SMS App

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It is the number one messaging application which replaces the stock. It has more than two hundred lovely themes, eight hundred emoticons, absolutely free messaging and MMS service, auto reply, a Scheduled private message box, and a lot more. It is fast, safe and fun to use app. It also has a message blocker which can be used for blocking the spam messages.

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE: Free Calls & Messages-Android SMS App  LINE: Free Calls & Messages-Android SMS App

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It gives you access to unlimited messaging and calls. It is the latest app for communicating which gives you the freedom of making free calls and sending free messages anywhere, anytime. It has a user base of one hundred and eighty million people and is being used in more than two hundred and thirty one countries.

It has been given the number one rank in the category of free applications in forty seven countries which include Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, china, Spain, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico, Macau and a number of other countries. The Line users enjoy good quality calls. The message delivery is very fast and safe. You can send messages with cute icons, pictures, location info, etc. The app is also available for PC and smart tablets.


ChatON-Android SMS App  ChatON-Android SMS App

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It is a number one mobile messenger app downloaded in the USA and France. It has created a Global Social community with more than one billion friends who own the ChatOn account. It is installed in the Samsung smart phones like Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, etc. It supports one on one chat as well as group chatting services. It helps you share different kind of multimedia content like Anicon for expressing emotions, animated messages, etc.

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS-Android SMS App  Handcent SMS-Android SMS App

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It is a very popular messaging application in the android market. It is a very powerful messaging app which unleashes the potential of messaging of the android devices for free. It is not only an alternative to the Stock android Messaging application but it has the messaging features which help you to circumvent the restrictions of android OS and the wire-less carriers.


WeChat-Android SMS App  WeChat-Android SMS App

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It allows you to text, send voice texts for free. Even video calling is absolutely free on Wechat. It has more than three million users across the world and they totally trust it because it is reliable, secure and always ready for use. You can talk faster while travelling with the voice texts. The voice and the video calls are very clear. The instant messaging with the groups is very easy with this app. You can send pictures, videos, etc very easily and quickly.

GO SMS Pro Emoji Plugin

GO SMS Pro Emoji Plugin-Android SMS App  GO SMS Pro Emoji Plugin-Android SMS App

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Go SMS Pro Emoji plugin enables the users to send funny Emoji icons to android Smartphones or iPhones with the Go SMS Pro and the Emoji plugins. The Emoji icons are sent by message and there is no need of MMS service.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger-Android SMS App

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Yahoo messenger is the official messenger application for android. It helps you in sending free voice and video calls, chatting with your friends from Facebook, sending free international messages, sharing pictures and videos, chatingt with the live friends from Windows and a lot more.

SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting

SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting-Android SMS App

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You can send text messages from the computer, tablets, etc with the help of the current android phone number. You get an instant notification on your computer or the tablet when the message is received by the phone. The set up takes just thirty seconds to install and is absolutely free of cost. You can see who is calling on your mobile phone on your computer or tablet. You can also see the battery level of your mobile phone on your computer or tablet.

Free SMS India

Free SMS India-Android SMS App  Free SMS India-Android SMS App

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With this very useful app, you can send free messages from the android devices. It is a sleek and a very simple app which anyone can use. You just need an active GPRS connection for sending the messages. The app is utilized for decreasing the usage of data and the message is sent in lesser kilobytes of data. The new versions of Free SMS India include a number of gateways and services like the Way2SMS, Fullon SMS, Site2SMS, IndyaRocks, You Mint, Ultoo, FreeSMS8, etc.

AT&T Messages

AT&T Messages-Android SMS App

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AT&T messages introduces messages, calls and voice mails all together in a single Inbox which is easy to access from the computer, tablets and mobile phones. The voice mail texts appear like the visual voice mails so that you are able to choose which text you wish to listen to.


JaxtrSMS-Android SMS App  JaxtrSMS-Android SMS App

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With JaxtrSMS you can send free local as well as international messages.

FreeSMS: Free SMS to India

FreeSMS: Free SMS to India-Android SMS App  FreeSMS: Free SMS to India-Android SMS App

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You can send any number of free messages to any mobile network across India directly from your Android phone device. The applications are fast, very easy and clean. You can send text messages from the absolutely free of cost gateways including Way2SMS, FullonSMS, Site2SMS, 160by2, YouMint, IndyaRocks, SMS440, Ultoo, etc.

F2S Free SMS India

F2S Free SMS India-Android SMS App  F2S Free SMS India-Android SMS App

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You can send unlimited free text messages to people across India from your android device. The messages are sent via different gateways like Way2SMS, FullOnSMS, etc. You can select the contact to which you want to send the text from your phonebook.

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