Top Video Editing Apps for Android

Video editing is something which is required by everyone some day or the other. No matter what device you are using, it offers you the flexibility of editing your videos and developing new video clips. This is done with the help of a number of video editing apps which are made available by the application markets. Some of these popular video editing apps have been mentioned below.

Magisto Video Editor & Sharing

Magisto Video Editor & Sharing-Android Video Editing App

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You do not need to know anything about video editing. Magisto analyses the videos as well as photos and splices them for creating a movie which looks professional. You will be proud for sharing these video edits with friends and family. It turns videos and pictures into lovely movies along with music and other effects and that too in minutes. It has an unprecedented technology of AI which inspects and edits the good parts of the videos. You can share your videos on Google+, Twitter, Face book, etc.

ARMV7 NEON VidCon Codec

ARMV7 NEON VidCon Codec-Android Video Editing App  ARMV7 NEON VidCon Codec-Android Video Editing App

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ARMV7EON VidCon Codec is one of the best converters for video on android. It has a back ground ffMpeg Library support. This video convertor for android has the ability to convert any kind of video format into mpeg4 or h264 videos including the avi, asf, flv, divx, m4v, m2v, mkv, mjpeg, mpg, ogy, ogg, emyb, wmy, webm, etc. This video convertor for Android detects the good quality codec on its own.

AndroVid Video Trimmer

AndroVid Video Trimmer-Android Video Editing App  AndroVid Video Trimmer-Android Video Editing App

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With this all new video trimmer you can trim the videos, produce video clips, add music or even replace audio or mix music with the original track, adjust the volume of audio, merge a number of videos in one file, delete the mid parts of a video, split the videos in 2 separate clips, add frames, etc. You can sort the videos with their names, duration, size or date. Deleting or renaming the videos from the phone also becomes very easy.


Socialcam-Android Video Editing App  Socialcam-Android Video Editing App

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It is the easiest way of capturing, sharing and viewing videos on an Android device. With the Video filters, front camera, direct upload from the gallery and an all new redesign, you get the freedom of unlimited length of video as well as storage. The added features of the app include private account and private videos, video filters, easy way of sharing on face book, twitter, etc.

Face Changer Video

Face Changer Video-Android Video Editing App  Face Changer Video-Android Video Editing App

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Face changer video which was earlier known as talking friends, helps you to change as well as animate the faces from pictures very easily. You can even make the people in the pictures move or talk. You can also share the videos with your friends and relatives. This works like the talking Version of you. The main features of the face changer include voice tools, mouth tools, object tools, zoom tools, smudge tools, etc. Your creations are saved automatically.

Lapse It • Time Lapse • Lite

Lapse It • Time Lapse • Lite-Android Video Editing App  Lapse It • Time Lapse • Lite1-Android Video Editing App

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Lapse is an award winning app which has a number of features and is used to capture amazing clips of time-lapse with the android devices in a fast and simple way. You can capture stunning shots with the help of the full-sensor of the camera. It has a well designed UI improved usability and visual.

Video Maker Pro Free

Video Maker Pro Free-Android Video Editing App

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It is a fully featured program for editing the videos for the creation of videos which look professional. Now movie making is very easy. You can trim, split, capture frames of videos within minutes. You can also remove intermediate portion, split the video in two different clips of videos and a lot more.

Animoto Video Maker

Animoto Video Maker-Android Video Editing App  Android Video Editing App-Android Video Editing App

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Now you can capture beautiful, good quality videos from your camera itself. Pick some of your favorite photographs and mix them with an engaging style and back it with a lovely soundtrack from the wide collection of music. Within minutes you will have a wonderful video ready for sharing.

Highlight Cam Social

Highlight Cam Social-Android Video Editing App  Highlight Cam Social-Android Video Editing App

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It is a stunning app with the help of which you can turn your memorable pictures as well as videos into high quality, amazing movies with just a touch of a button. Just like instagram, this app scans for the right content in the clips automatically and then edits this content.

mVideoCut – video editor

mVideoCut - video editor-Android Video Editing App  mVideoCut - video editor-Android Video Editing App

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It is a free of cost Cloud based app which processes the videos on the remote server. You can also use the phone or tab side by side for other important things while this app does its work. Video processing consumes a lot of power but this app saves a lot of power of the phone or the tablet.

Andromedia Video Editor

Andromedia Video Editor-Android Video Editing App

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This wonderful can export movie clips in Standard HD definition. You can drag, drop videos for an easy and fast video edit experience. You can also add effects as well transitions to the video clips. It also enables you to add fade in and fade out effects to the videos.

VidTrim Pro – Video Editor

VidTrim Pro - Video Editor-Android Video Editing App  VidTrim Pro - Video Editor-Android Video Editing App

Download Paid App (2.61$)

Vidtrim Pro is a Video editor app and an organizer which has been developed for Android devices. It has a number of features including the trimming, Frame capturing, video effects, extracting the audio files and also the transcoding or conversion into MP4. It also helps you to share the videos with friends directly.

We Video – Video Editor

We Video - Video Editor-Android Video Editing App  We Video - Video Editor-Android Video Editing App

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This video editor helps you for capturing the memories and the moments exactly where they happen and convert them in lovely videos for sharing with family and friends with the help of the social networking sites. It helps you trim, split and snip the video clips, sort and arrange them and also style them with a number of themes and effects.

AndroVid Pro Video Editor

AndroVid Pro Video Editor-Android Video Editing App  AndroVid Pro Video Editor-Android Video Editing App

Download Paid App (2.36 $)

With Android Vid Pro video editor you can trim, split, merge, transcode, add audio, effects, grab frames for videos, share the videos, convert them into a number of video or audio formats. This is the ad free version of the commercial paid version of Android Vid. Thus, you can try the free version first to get the idea of the paid version.

Clesh video editor

Clesh video editor-Android Video Editing App

Download Paid App (5.09 $) 

With Clesh video editor you can shoot, edit and publish videos on Android. There is real time rendering and thus you do not have to wait at all for the playback. The browser access is available on a PC or MAC computers and that too for the free Pro features. You may share stills or pictures from the videos.


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