Top 20+ Workout Apps for Android

There is a need for a man or woman to stay physically fit always. It is important that a person stays healthy in order to make the most of his life and give the best shot at anything in life.

Falling sick often makes you miss out on some of life’s great events and recovering from sickness takes a while. Working out on a regular basis is necessary to stay fit and healthy.

These top workout apps available for Android phones and tablets help you keep yourselves fit. Check them out.

Workout 20 Minutes

The app is a simple no-equipment app. People give excuses for not losing weight as not having the right exercise equipment like dumb bells, cycle or treadmill.

This is an app that outruns all of it and requires nothing but the whole of your body. It is simple and shows you exercises that you must follow everyday for 20 minutes each day to get yourself fit.

You are your own trainer and the app gives you the right exercises to shape your body up. This app is absolutely free and available for download on Play Store.

Workout 20 Minutes

Download Free Workout 20 Minutes App

Workout Trainer

This is an app that you can use to train yourself at home. The app has step by step videos that helps you follow the instructions like the trainer at your gym.

The app walks you through simple daily exercises that you can do to shape up your body perfectly by exercising everyday.

Workout Trainer gives you access to millions of no-equipment exercises and you can do them to make yourself well-shaped. The app is available for download on Play Store for free.

Workout Trainer

Download Free Workout Trainer App

Daily Workouts FREE

Now you can carry your gym and your trainer all in your pocket. With the Daily Workouts FREE app, you can be your own personal trainer. The app has different kinds of workouts depending on your BMI. There are workouts that require 5-10 minutes of your time and some take 10-30 minutes.

These are built in such a way that you will get the best cardio and muscular exercise within the given time. When exercised daily, this app helps you get into perfect shape and maintain it. You can get this app for free from Play Store.

Daily Workouts FREE

Download Free Daily Workouts App

Abs workout

Abs workout is an app that is dedicated to work on your chest and stomach. This is a very useful app for those who are realising that they are getting out of shape especially in the chest and stomach region. The exercises that the app displays are 100% helpful and also there is a calendar that you have access to.

This calendar shows you which workout to do on which day and keeps track of it all. The app contains 6 workouts that you have to perform everyday in order to get rid of the out-growing belly and chest fat. This app is like a personal trainer that gives you the best exercises. The app is available for download on Play Store for free.

Abs workout

Download Free Abs workout App

Daily Ab Workout FREE

The app has the best daily ab routine that you can follow easily. It has a great and effective 5-10 minute workout routine that can be exercised regularly in order to get the best outcome. When practised everyday, this routine helps you sculpt your abs perfectly.

You can get rid of the huge tummy and chest by reducing the excess fat while you follow these exercises. The app varies exercises to make the best combination that gives you the best result. The free version is also free of ads in a landscape mode which gives you the best picture. The app has a simple and good interface. Download this app for free from Play Store.

Daily Ab Workout FREE

Download Free Daily Ab Workout App

JEFIT Workout – Exercise Log

The JEFIT Workout – Exercise Log app has over 1300 exercises that are perfect for training at home. The animated exercises give you the best picture of the workout routine that you need to follow.

You are a trainer of yourself. The app also has some good features that include personalized settings. It allows you to mark your fitness plans, track body statistics which help you know how much work you have done and how many calories have been shed.

Also, you can make friends on the app and motivate each other. The app is absolutely free and can be downloaded from Play Store.

JEFIT Workout - Exercise Log

Download Free JEFIT Workout – Exercise Log App

Daily Cardio Workout FREE

The app has a daily 5-10 minute cardio routine that helps you work on your heart and cholestrol related problems. The app has a set of best cardio exercises that you need to practise every single day. The app keeps track of your work and lets you know what you need to do everyday.

It also provides you with a second routine to bring about a variation in your routine. You can randomize your daily workouts if you wish to.

The app is ads free and also runs in landscape mode giving you the best picture quality. The app is free and has cardio exercises. You can download it from Play Store.

Daily Cardio Workout FREE

Download Free Daily Cardio Workout App

Daily Butt Workout FREE

As funny as it sounds, the app helps you work on your butt. It is very important to have a properly shaped behind to look attractive.

Being attractive is not the only bright side to it, but it keeps you in good shape and keeps the body proportionate.

The Daily Butt Workout FREE app has a set of effective workouts that help you get rid of unnecessary fat and build muscle.

The app has some very cool exercises that can make you laugh but are really effective. Get the best exercises from this app by downloading it from Play Store for free.

Daily Butt Workout FREE

Download Free Daily Butt Workout App

Gym-training – sport, workout

This app is all you need for personal training to keep yourself fit. The app has a very good set of exercises that help you work on every muscle of your body and build it in a better way.

It helps you get rid of fat and unnecessary flabs to make yourself look good. The app contains a handbook, tracker, a list of programs, timer and much more.

All these make it sound like your trainer at the gym, don’t they? You can also find other dedicated people who wish to workout and share the exercises and experiences with them.

You can add them as friends and motivate each other. It also gives you the list of things you should be eating which most other apps don’t. This app is available for download on Play Store for free.

Gym-training - sport, workout

Download Free Gym-training – sport, workout App

Chest Workout

This is a pretty good app developed by passion for profession apps. You can organize your workouts and do must more with the help of this app.

Chest workout usually focuses on chest part of the body it helps in strengthening it. You can count the days of your workout. Download this wonderful app for free from Play Store.

Chest Workout

Download Free Chest Workout App

Ladies’ Ab Workout FREE

Ladies AB Workout app is a very useful app designed and developed by Do Mobile Health. This app will provide the best and most effective workouts that will make it easy for a woman to stay fit.

You can find more than 100 workouts. You can download Ladies Ab Workout for free from Play Store.

Ladies' Ab Workout FREE

Download Free Ladies’ Ab Workout App

Ladies’ Butt Workout FREE

This is another useful app for the women who want to reduce the weight only in a particular area like butt. This gives you the most efficient techniques to help you reduce the fat in the areas like butt, which is a huge problem for most of the women and you don’t have to go to the gym and work out there if you find it embarrassing. You can simple do the workouts at home.

Ladies' Butt Workout FREE

Download Free Ladies’ Butt Workout App

7min Full Workout

This is one the best workout apps on play store. There are a lot of positive reviews about this particular app. It has been very effective for the ones who have tried it.

This app provides an amazing 7 min workout that will help you reduce weight without any problem. This is been developed by manatlan. Download this app for free from play store.

7min Full Workout

Download Free 7min Full Workout App

Ladies’ Waist Workout FREE

You can plan out your workouts without any problem with the help of Ladies Waist Workout. You can download this app and reduce the weight whenever you feel like without anyone watching you.

This has a pretty cool and smooth interface and you can enjoy your workout more by sharing your best workout time with your friends through Facebook and other Social networking site.

You can download Ladies Waist Workout for free from the Play Store.

Ladies' Waist Workout FREE

Download Free Ladies’ Waist Workout App

Math Workout Pro

This is an amazing app that used all around the world. It is packed with mind blowing features like 100% ad free all workouts unlocked, unlimited world challenge, 6 user profiles, 20+ cool wallpapers and better high-resolution icon.

This app is developed by Brain Training. You can download this app for 1.99$ from Play Store.

Math Workout Pro

Download Math Workout Pro App for $1.99

Ab workout

This is a wonderful app for those who want to built their abs. you can do the particular workouts that will help you focus to work on your abs. you can make sure that you are using the correct technique.

This app is developed by  caynax. It has a pretty good interface and very colorful background. You can download Ab workout for free from play store.

Ab workout

Download Free Ab workout App

Ladies’ Home Workout

This app provides the best home workouts for people who don’t like going out to gyms and spend. It is very easy for you to build your body as this app helps you get the right technique and method to make your fit.

There are a lot of other features like time keeping and workout schedules. This app is developed and designed by Do Mobile Health. You can download this app for free from play store.

Ladies' Home Workout

Download Free Ladies’ Home Workout App

JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness

This is an effective app for workouts. It is developed and designed by Jefit inc. it has a step by step method to make you understand each and every method to exercise.

It helps you understand the correct techniques and organize your workout times and lets you schedule them accordingly. You can download this app for 5.00$ from Play Store.

JEFIT Pro - Workout & Fitness

Download JEFIT Pro – Workout & Fitness App for $4.99


This is a wonderful app by Pro Code Media. It is packed with mind blowing features like 8 beginner exercises free, 8 intermediate exercises, 8 advanced exercises for 24 total rock-solid Ab exercises, pre-set workouts with 3 difficulty settings, personal coach with voice instructions, high quality HD videos and developed by a certified personal trainer. It has a pretty smooth interface and good background. You can download abs workout x for free from play store.


Download Free ABS WORKOUT X App

 Ladies’ Leg Workout FREE

Ladies Leg Workout is another wonderful and effective app that is developed and designed by Do Mobile Health. You tone your legs in the best way possible.

You can get step by step methods and techniques to get the best leg structure you have always dreamed about. You can get this app for free from play store.

Ladies' Leg Workout FREE

Download Free  Ladies’ Leg Workout App

Workout Timer

This is a very useful app for those who workout. It helps you get the timing of your workouts and helps you get the correct time of your workout section.

Workout timer is designed and developed by Med Note MP. You can download workout timer for free from play store.

Workout Timer

Download Free Workout Timer App

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

The app has a set of very good workout exercises. You can be your own personal trainer and tutor yourself with the best exercises. It helps you work on your abs and build a very good front. The videos on the app are provided in high definition and give you the best professional-like experience.

You can follow these exercises and get a flat stomach and look fitter than ever. The difficulty of your exercises can also be adjusted depending on how hard you want to train yourself.

Some of the exercises include sit-ups, cross-body crunch, oblique crunch, hip drops and so on. The app has very good exercises, good graphics and great user-interface. You can find this app on Play Store and download it for free.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Download Free Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout App

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