Toy Story: Smash It – a new game App from Disney

Disney, a leading game developer has released a 3D physics-based puzzle game for Android powered devices and the game features different characters from Toy Story Franchise.

The main intent of the game is to knock down different structures and bring down the aliens to guard the evil Zurg.

Toy Story: Smash It Android game

Players can turn around the puzzle and alter the direction to throw object at the structure to ensure that maximum damage is done. Players have to aim at winning strategic points as to knock down the aliens using less number of balls.

The game offers block-breaking puzzles and players have to throw unique balls or balloons that carry special power-ups to bringout the aliens.

Toy Story: Smash It  game

Player have to team up with the Buzz and work on different angles needed to bring down the aliens in every level. As the game progresses, players can unlock their favourite Toy Story characters by earning high valuable points.

The entire game is presented in 4 imaginative episodes that gives you the experience of fun-filled journey. To finish the game, players have to win 60 challenging levels and they come across new challenges in every level such as smashing through bricks, glass and trains etc to gain highest score.

Android users can download the Toy Story: Smash It game for $ 0.99 by visiting Google Play store.

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