TransferWise Finally Revamps Its Android App

TransferWise is a money service, which allows users to send money outside their country within the fraction of a second through their mobile phones. The service has recently made some updates on the Android TransferWise app to make it easier to use thus enhancing user experience. The app uses a peer-to-peer technology, allowing users to send money oversees conveniently at real mid-market rates.

TransferWise  is a money saving tool that you should take advantage of, as it eliminates the need to use the inflated crazy rates that the bank use for international money transfer, making it possible for anyone to send money to anyone out there  at any time of the day. The app now has a one-tap payment across 360 different currencies, this at a rate of only 0.5% per transfer, a more than ten times  rate reduction compared to the crazy rates at the bank.

Now the service has updated TransferWise for android, there is hope that the market growth and use of the app is going to rise far beyond the current value. It is important to have in mind that the fame of the solution may raise because people are looking for cheaper alternatives to transaction in these difficult economic times.

TransferWise Money Transfer App for Android


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