Trivia Game QuizUp is Now Available On Android

Four months after it landed on Apple App Store, Plain Vanilla Games has officially unleashed QuizUp app on Android as well. This is an addictive and fast trivia game, which supports head-to-head multiplayer mode.


The QuizUp game for Android offers the same experience as its iOS counterpart. This game allows one player to compete against another player in a battle of the brains. In this game, players will have to choose their desired topics to play, and each topic features a number of unique questions. In each round, you will have 7 questions, with a single double-point bonus question. The more you win, the higher rank you get. If you rack up the scoreboard, you will earn badges and tiles.

This is a beautiful game with simple interface. To get started, you need to log in through email, Facebook, or your Google+ account, choose a category, and you will instantly coupled with a random player who’s closer to your skill level. The rounds are quick and hardly last more than 2 minutes. Moreover, losing the game doesn’t charge you any sort of penalty, you just get less experience than the winner.

Indeed, integration with social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Google Play Games is so convenient for directly challenging your buddies.

The game consists of appealing topics which keeps users coming back. You will have 14 major categories, ranging from arts to sports. Furthermore, there are also sub-categories as different as Disney Trivia and WWI history. The app provides you a simplified way to find fascinating topics after a quick round.

QuizUp game

For now, the app brings over 200,000 questions under 400 diverse topics. There’s an option called ‘Play Now’ which throws you up against a random play, whereas another option ‘Challenge’ allows you to target particular players, that is your buddies. The app also brings support for one-to-one messaging, discussion boards as well as localized boards by country, city, and state.

Though the game allows you play in real-time with other players so that you both are put up against the clock at the same time, you can choose to play your round first, and wait for your competent to become available later. You will also be able to see the stats of your one-to-one trivia game.

QuizUp is a great and free-to-play game with no ads. There’s only an in-app store through which you can purchase experience boosters to enhance your game.

Android users can download this new QuizUp game right from the link provided below. The app is available for free and it is compatible with devices that run on Android version 4.0.3 and above.

QuizUp download link for Android (free)

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