Tumblr for Android Now Supports Landscape Mode and Photosets

Tumblr has released an update for its native Android app with a slew of new features including photoset support and auto-play GIFs in the dashboard.


Firstly, the app now provides support for creating and sharing a photoset. You can effortlessly create a mini album by curating photos from your gallery. This feature was previously available only for iOS users.

Another feature that has been added in the update is inline GIF playback. Earlier, users had to click on GIFs in order to make them animate. But now, users can view GIFs animate in the dashboard.

You can also double-tap pictures to zoom in & out. Moreover, the update brings support for landscape mode. It enhances the layout for large-screen devices (tablets).

Android users can download the updated version of Tumblr app from the link given below. The app works with devices running on Android version 2.2 and above.

Tumblr download link for Android (free)

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