Twiize Launches TalkSide Full Screen Caller ID App On Android

Twiize releases a new standalone app called TalkSide in place of a former version, Full Screen Caller Image. The latest version serves as a nifty call-screen replacer, which features background information to your phone calls. So before you pick up or place a call, you can view related information of the caller, like birthdays, photos and statuses from Facebook updates and so on.


The app integrates with multiple sources, including birthday reminders, caller’s chat history and photos and statuses from his/her Facebook updates, location-based suggestions, and many more. Through app’s Settings section, you can choose what content you would like to view from each caller.

When users are asked to sync up with Facebook while having initial set-up, they are allowed to skip that step, though they will skim over some experience. Moreover, the app integrates with Truecaller, allowing you to view caller information for unknown contacts alongside HD caller ID talk feed for your buddies from TalkSide.

TalkSide for android

Furthermore, the app takes the advantage of machine-learning algorithms before you place or pick up the call, to select related content and generate a magazine-like talk feed.

The founder and VP Content of the company says that the app doesn’t replace your talk, it rather adds color to it.

Android users can download this new TalkSide Full Screen Caller ID directly from the following link. The app is available for free and works with devices that run on Android 2.3 or above firmware.

TalkSide Full Screen Caller ID download link for Android (free)

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