Undead Zombies Game Review

The most popular iOS game is now available on Android! Bulkypix releases its iOS app, Undead Soccer, an action-packed game onto the Android platform. It is a zombie killing game, which also involves a little-bit sports game touch.

Undead Zombies app

Hitting a soccer ball at zombies is more exciting! In this game, players need to hit soccer balls at the approaching zombies to survive. Not only this, the game also involves shooting elements. The army of crazy looking zombie types will keep you on your toes, requiring a tactful approach to get through each level. Some zombies will release gobs of mucus from a distance, costive gas bombs will kill you in a hit and the dreadful zombie bosses will challenge you.

Undead Zombies game

The controls are very simple. You just have to flick soccer balls at them till they kill and eat you. If you lose your life, you need to start over the game. You earn coins by killing zombies in each level. You can spend your earned coins to unlock and purchase different powerups and abilities that can help you completing your game. The powerups are randomly dropped in the battle and help the players to score mega points. In fact, at later stages, powerups become a requirement as a type of zombie can only be destroyed by powerups.

Undead Zombies review

The graphics are pretty good with cartoon-style animations. Zombies are very well animated in this game. The varied powerups and abilities have a clear graphic style effects that look amazing. The game’s’ soundtrack is excellent with spooky mix of adventure music.

You can download this game from Google Play Store for $2.61. This game is compatible with the devices that run on Android version 2.0.1 and above. Grab this fun and addictive game and enjoy the game!

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