Vamos Startup Releases Android app, Highlights Visuals

Vamos, event discovery app is releasing on Android with a latest design, today the association reported after it is done with its private period of beta testing.  Whereas, this latest app differs from its iOS version, now the team plans to get few latest design functionalities and elements earlier to the Christmas to Apple devices.

event discovery startup

Vamos released beta on former month of August to aid the users in discovering the local events which are interesting and where are their buddies going in real-time. From then, it has created a loyal community, and the Luis-Daniel Alegria, co-founder says:

“We are noting few people getting back for the events daily, with our extreme engagement levels from expats and travelers who are living away from their homeland.”

The alterations which the Vamos added to its Android App very well inspired by the response which is received from the users. Additionally, an event sharing from the Android app of Vamos will auto-build EyeEm streams of images and an event page online which features the actual-time Instagram.

These alterations reflect the ambition of Vamos to cover the complete cycle of each event. “This exclusive inclusion is making it very simple to be update with the events as they occur live during, earlier and after,” it says.

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