Virtual Trading App TradeHero is Now Available On Android

TradeHero, the widely-liked Singapore-based fantasy stock trading game on iOS, has made its way to the Android platform. This app allows users to make real money by playing the virtual stock market game without any possibility of losing real money.


This app works just like Fantasy Football; users will be able to trade on its virtual platform starting with a $100,000 portfolio, and the stock market moves in line with the real-life market. You will then be given a position on the leaderboard depending upon the metrics, including how much profit you have raked when the trade had been implemented in reality.

This app is downloadable for free, however, in order to subscribe to another user’s trade feed – probably as you may wish to replicate the trading in real-time to get some profit – need to pay an amount starting from $1.99. Part of this payment is added to the ‘leader’ user as an incentive to trade actively on the platform.

This app has gained a top position in the Apple App Store under finance category in 75 countries since its release about a year ago, and won 350,000 registered users till now. The company says that its average user growth rate month on month was approximately 85% last year. Now with the release of Android version, this is set to boost.

Android users can download the TradeHero app right from the link provided below. The app is compatible with devices that run on Android version 4.0 and above.

TradeHero download link for Android (free)

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