Waking Mars – an innovative and adventurous game for Android users

Waking Mars, a stunning adventure game that runs on android powered devices. The idea intent of the game is to re-awaken life on the the Mars planet. While traveling through caves under the surface of Mars, you come across several symbiotic plants.

The things gets absurd when you get trapped in the caves and you have less chances to contact the surface. In this case, the plants that you cultivate will save your life and the game provides you an extraordinary adventure feeling with wonderful concept and intuitive game play.

Waking Mars game

The controls associated with Waking Mars game are quite intuitive and with one simple touch, you can move in the direction that you desire. Users have to simply walk while traversing on the ground and to jump up and down accordingly, tap on your jet pack.

The inventory part in the game contains pods and items that you collect while travelling through the planet. Players can fire a pod in direction of the plant to spawn more number of plants and pods on the planet. By doing so, you will increase the count of plants and find new ways to collect pods.

Waking Mars Android game

The sound effects of the game are really interesting and it brings real life to the game. The perfect graphics and intuitive game play makes it an amazing adventurous game.

Download this gaming App for $5.10 from the official Google Play store.

Download link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tigerstylegames.wakingmars.

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