WhatsApp Messenger for Android Redesigned and Developed to Enhance User Experience

WhatsApp Messenger has grown to become the world’s largest mobile chat application with just about everyone using it on Android Smart Phones. It is the most popular app in use these days, definitely a perfect choice for most people than Facebook and Twitter. WhatsApp Messenger has gone through a complete design makeover and a series of development to enhance the experience of the global audience.

The new layout is completely different from the previous one. Instead of clicking the plus (+) icon to access your WhatsApp Messenger chat (friends) list, you simply swipe the screen for instant access.

WhatsApp Messenger

The new update of the Android App allows people to make free calls, quite a great way to help people cut the call cost in these difficult times. You can now call any of your friends provided they have the new version of the WhatsApp Messenger installed in their Android Smart Phone.

The app has an easy to access call log. You can refer to this should you need a quick access to people or someone you called previously. The attachment icon is not clear and better than in the previous version of the app. They are bigger and clear, quite an improvement, which enhances the experience of the users as far as visibility is concerned.

You can download the current version of the app free from Google Play Store or via the Whatsapp Website.

WhatsApp Messenger App Download For Android

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