Yarrly for Android Allows you to Remix and Share Photos Incognito

A fun, remixable photo app has hit the Android platform! Yarrly has recently released a unique photo app by the same name for Android users. This app allows you to create image mixes and share them anonymously.

Yarrly Yarrly app

According to the Yarrly blog post, this app allows users to make panel images and add text to them in the style of a meme maker. It’s a fun photo manipulator, similar to the MemeGenerator, Instagram and Imgur MeneGen.

The app features a simple interface. You will have to capture 2 photos or pick any 2 images from your gallery. Once you set the photos in the 2 panels, you are allowed to add text to the images, and then share it with the world. You can send the image to your friend through SMS, share it on the social networking sites, or simply release it and hope it moves on its own.

Yarrly for android Yarrly app for android

The thing here is that Yarrly’s developer always remains incognito; there is no need to register or create any profiles. The remixed image is optionally shared. You can take the actual graphic and alter the image or text. That remixed image is then associated with the original image, bringing the ability to make a conversation of pictures.

Anyone who can views a Yarrly, can remix it in their own style and then share it on. However all the contributions will remain anonymous.

Yarrly android Yarrly android app

This fun photo remix app, Yarrly is available on the Google Play Store for Android users. This app works with devices that run on Android version 3.0 or above.

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