1 password App for ios users to remember all their passwords

1 password is a simple and reliable App developed by the Agile Bits Inc. This App helps the user to remember all their passwords and save them behind your master password.

1 Password iPhone App

When compared to old version, the latest version has seen several improvements. It brings in anew interface and users can find four main tabs while navigating through the App which includes categories, Favourites, Folders and Settings. This tabs makes the App look more convenient to navigate and by downloading the 1 password, you can save all your important information.


The 1 password helps you in storing other important passwords apart from website login details and other features of the App includes.

  • Users can create and store information related to credit cards, secure notes, passports and other bank accounts information.
  • Mark all the most used items to your favourites tab
  • organize the data by opening the folders tab.
  • An attachment viewer and powerful search option to find out the required documents.

The major highlight of this 1 password App is its fully featured browser through which you can copy links pertaining to other Apps and paste them in the address bar and then make use if the tool bar button and select login to auto-fill the details.

The App is available for $ 7.99 at Apple’s App store.

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