A Dribbble Client, Hooops Hits the iOS Platform

A new Dribbble client, Hooops app has arrived on the iOS platform! This is a very simple and amazing app that helps users to follow and stalk the users they like on Dribbble.

Hooops Hooops app

With this app, you can be able to browse shots by debuts, what’s popular and everyone. When you tap the share icon, you can send anything you like to the social channels, and also email. Besides that, you can also read the comments around a specific design.

Dribbble has not developed its own native applications for tablets and smartphones. It usually integrates with the third party applications like Courtside, Ballin and Dunk. The Hooops app is also similar to these applications, with a neat interface.

Hooops for ios

Here’s the features list of the Hooops app:

  • It’s a universal app.
  • A simple and great way to follow and stalk the people you like on Dribbble.
  • Ability to browse shots by 3 categories; Debuts, Popular and Everyone.
  • You can discover specific users and stalk them, their shots, users they are following and even their likes.

This app is available for free of cost in the Apple App Store. It is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 6.1 or above.

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