A Journaling App, Narrato Journal is Available On iOS Platform

The London-based company, Narrato has released a new journaling application called Narrato Journal for iOS users. This app makes it much easier to store all your stuff at a place. It is a good option for those who are really looking for a journaling app.

Narrato Journal Narrato Journal app

This app is a combination of a journal, blog and a scrapbook. You can easily record your ideas, life events, activities and so on that you would like to remember and all the updated content will automatically backed up to the cloud.

This app lets you to manage your personal data safely in your own personal cloud. It integrates with different services like Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare, which allows you to pool and manage your personal data. Currently, the app only supports 3 social media services. The team behind the app are promising to release support for more social services in future.

Narrato Journal for ios Narrato Journal app for ios

Unlike most apps, this app allows you to sign up without having a Twitter or Facebook account, you can use your email instead. Once you register, you can connect with the aforementioned social networks.

The app features 2 main sections. The first one is the Day-by-day section, which is your main journal. Here you can share images, check-in to places, post your thoughts, tell what are you doing and express your current mood. The app features a timeline, where you can check what you did on each and every day.

The second section is the lifestream. If you just swipe to the left, you can view your lifestream from your connected social networks. By simply clicking on any event, you can add that to your journal.

Narrato Journal lifestream

The app is active offline too. This allows you to continue your lifelogging on the move even without internet access. When the app is again online, all the content is updated and synced. With the cloud sync backup, all your stuff are securely stored in the cloud perpetually.

The app features an unlimited storage. It is clever and intuitive, the more users update their journal, the more it becomes intuitive. It extracts conclusions from the data and logs you feed.

iOS users can download Narrato Journal from Apple App Store. This is a premium app, you need to pay $3.99 to grab this app. It is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 6.1 or above.

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