A New App Multitrack Studio Released Exclusively for iPad Users

Giel Bremmers has launched a new iPad app called Multitrack Studio. It’s a fully featured iPad app, which lets users to build, edit and share audio as well as MIDI tracks while on the go right from their device. Features are a lot and it’s downloadable for $17.99, price is high, as well.

Multitrack Studio

The creator behind the app explains that the app serves as a simple yet effective audio and MIDI multitrack recording service. It features varied high-quality audio effects, and also adds that the smooth interface has been developed with tape-based recording in concern.

The app includes the following interesting features:

  • Up to 16 MIDI/audio tracks, support for both mono or stereo for audio tracks.
  • Different editing features: MIDI controllers, song, drum, pianoroll and so on.
  • One effect return section.
  • Features a master section.
  • 3 effect slots are available for each mixer section.
  • Aplenty of effects, including EQ, Noise Gate, Tremolo, Compressor, Chorus, Pseudo Stereo, Master Limiter, and Reverb.
  • MIDI sources: onscreen keyboard (drum, keyboard and several string layouts) and a CoreMIDI input device.
  • The audio sampling rate is 44.1 or 48 kHz.
  • Exports .mid as well as .wav files.
  • Different MIDI instruments; multitrackStudio instruments and a CoreMIDI output device.
  • Ability to export content as a .zip file

Multitrack Studio app

Moreover, this iPad version follows the footsteps of the MultiTrack Studio for Windows and Mac, which has served as an extensive recording system for some time.

Users with iPad devices running on iOS 6.1 or above firmware can download the new Multitrack Studio app from the following link for $17.99.

Multitrack Studio download link for iPad ($17.99)

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